Healthy Female Same-Sex Relationships by Miranda Pettit and Kim Broadhead




Healthy Female Same-Sex Relationships by Miranda Pettit and Kim Broadhead

This workshop will discuss what healthy female relationships are and are not using Biblical and practical standards; Establishing an accountability relationship with a friend, mentor, or leader, and the basics of accountability; Recognizing red flags in relationships and how to avoid/handle them; In this workshop Miranda and Kim will explain developing healthy boundaries with a struggler and the dangers of emotional enmeshment.

Miranda Pettit walked away from lesbianism in 2004 and has been the women’s leader of Truth Ministry since 2005. She shares her testimony in both Christian and secular settings, from churches to colleges, and specifically ministers to women and youth. She along with Kim Broadhead, the women’s assistant, counsel individuals and lead a weekly support group. Miranda serves in her church as an altar minister, prayer intercessor, and worship team leader. She is leading worship for our HFW conference.

Kim Broadhead has been with Truth Ministry since January 2006. She came alongside Miranda as her ministry partner after a foundation of friendship was established. She and Don, her husband of 33 years, are active at the same church as Miranda; 20 years of worship leading, altar ministry, intercessory prayer, and media. She is co-leading worship for the HFW conference.

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