McKrae Game, former Director of Hope for Wholeness Network (HFWN) has recently come out as gay and has made statements about his discontinued employment with HFW and about the use of “reparative” and/or “conversion” therapy being used by Hope for Wholeness Network. It has also been reported that McKrae Game is a licensed therapist. We want to clarify some inaccuracies and share from our perspective.

McKrae Game is not a licensed therapist and has no degree in counseling.

The former director also stated that he was suddenly fired. That is inaccurate. The board of HFW walked with McKrae for over a year concerning issues that led to his resignation nearly two years ago. These issues were brought up and a plan for correcting them was put in place. When those issues were not resolved, the board of HFWN asked for McKrae Game’s resignation.

His separation from the network was not an impulsive decision, but was decided after a full year of unresolved problems. This decision was one of the most difficult and painful we have ever made as a board.

As to the practice of “conversion” or “reparative” therapy, HFWN and our affiliated ministries do not endorse or practice “conversion” or “reparative” therapies. Most ministry leaders are not licensed therapists. We disciple individuals who are conflicted about their sexuality in regards to their faith. We utilize faith-based groups and pastoral discipleship to address issues from the individuals' past and help them reconcile their faith and sexuality. We never use coercion, shaming, nudity, touch therapies with any individual who might come to our affiliate ministries. We believe in, and respect, the self-determination of the individual and the path that each has chosen. We invite you to read our policy statements on “conversion” and/or “reparative” therapy at our Policy Statements page on our website.

In conclusion, the board of HFWN deeply loves McKrae Game. We have no animosity toward him. We pray for him and his family and will continue to do so.

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Our desire is to shed light on the complicated issues of sexual and relational brokenness with special expertise on homosexuality and transgenderism. We hope you will find comfort and guidance through this ministry by a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and through godly love demonstrated by God's people. We share the freedom in Christ we’ve experienced from homosexuality, transgenderism, and other forms of brokenness.

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Testimonials & Stories of Hope

  • I just wanted to say thanks for everything that Truth has done for me.  You were such a blessing to me that day and you helped me to make that step out in faith and truly trust in God. This has truly been the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with, but I know that I'll make it through with the Lord by my side.
    Testimonial by Man Who walked away from Eight Year Homosexual Relationship

    A Man Helped by Hope for Wholeness, ,

  • I finally understood exactly how and why my son was struggling with his own identity and was not simply a choice he had made. Finally being able to talk to someone and understanding that this same-sex attraction was not a choice but was rather the outcome of many different situations and circumstances that he faced from a very early age.

    Mother of Teen, ,

  • The talks I had with you late last year were so encouraging and helpful. Your openness and life were and are an inspiration to me. In fact, you were the main catalyst in getting me to sit down and talk openly with my wife about my current temptations and struggles. I am so grateful for your help.

    Peter F, ,

  • ..I finally gave my life to Jesus and asked Him to help me. I asked him to help me find wholeness and my purpose. I needed healing and restoration from the same-sex attractions and pursuits that I’d had all these years.  So after 15 years of actively living as a lesbian, the Lord worked a miracle in my more
    Miranda Pettit | Womens Ministry Leader | Hope for Wholeness

    Miranda Pettit, ,

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