Mother of a 16 year Old Son Helped by Truth

I finally understood exactly how and why my son was struggling with his own identity and was not simply a choice he had made. Finally being able to talk to someone and understanding that this same-sex attraction was not a choice but was rather the outcome of many different situations and circumstances that he faced from a very early age. I felt as if McKrae had some secret insight into our lives because what he was describing was indeed our lives.

After only 4 weeks of counseling I can see many great things happening with my son. He is more secure in who he is and has begun to understand how and why he is where he is today. Understand that he still has a long road ahead of him and many struggles that he will face daily and probably for the rest of his life but I have faith that with continued counseling and prayer that God will be faithful in helping him with these struggles.

-Mother of a 16 year old son helped by Truth

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