Ministry Appreciation

I really can't thank you enough. To say that my walk with the Lord has changed in the last year is an understatement.

“Hi McKrae, I have been taking the Hope for Wholeness class with Miranda and Kimberly. I saw that this is ministry appreciation week and I just wanted to take a minute to write a note and thank you for all that you do every day. I really can’t thank you enough. To say that my walk with the Lord has changed in the last year is an understatement. The class has been a safe place for me to look at issues that I never could face before and to be able to do it with people who cared about me and loved me through very difficult times. The conference was a real turning point for me and I wanted to thank you for that as well. To be able to hear testimonies from people can be life-changing to those who are seeking and who feel hopeless. Testimonies are undeniable evidence that God can transform a life when many like myself felt it wasn’t possible. The conference allowed me to meet others who had similar stories. The enemy so often wants us to feel like we are alone and different and that causes the hopelessness, but because of the conference I’ve been able to build a strong bridge of support and I am so thankful for Hope for Wholeness and the changes that are happening in my life. I have made sure that Miranda and Kim know how much I appreciate the time that they have invested in me, the support they have given me, and the examples that they are to me of great women of God who seek him daily through the word, but I also wanted to take some time to thank you as well and to just hopefully encourage you by telling you of a life that has been changed because of this ministry and how God has used it. While I am not yet able to share my testimony publicly, I know one day I will as I continue to grow in Him. What God has done already is a miracle and I thank the Lord every day for your ministry. I am praying for you and your ministry team. God bless you as you serve Him so faithfully.” Shared with permission.

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