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If funds are an issue in attending this year's HFW Conference, we may be able to help. We'll try to be creative as possible to help you attend through financial assistance (if available) and/or a payment plan.

We want to make your attendance at this year's conference possible if paying the full balance would otherwise prevent you from attending. If you do not have a credit card to distribute the cost over a period of time, we want to work with you. Please call our office to setup a draft of your checking account, over a period of 2-12 months.

Advanced Payments: You can make payments in advance of the conference, to avoid any fees, if paid in full before arrival or upon registration at the conference.

Payments setup of 2-12 months: Payments can be setup to help manage your costs on the registration portion of attending this year's conference. This is for people who do not have a credit card, but need this help. $275 over 3 months @ 17% + $2 service charge per month is $96.33 per month.  To calculate fewer or more months or a different amount, use the payment calculator. Under special circumstances we may be able to finance your room at Ridgecrest, IF you do NOT have a credit card AND you've exhaused asking family, friends, and your church for help. Please exhaust these avenues FIRST, BEFORE asking for payments or financial assistance. We do not finance food. You will be asked to pay the full cost of your meal ticket at checkin.

* Early registration pricing is NOT available unless paying the full balance prior to the early price date. 

Payment Cancelations: Cancelations prior to the conference may be made, with a $15 service fee. After the start of the conference, no payment cancelations can be made.


Call Hope for Wholeness, M-F 9-5 EST, for questions and help making it to this year's conference. 



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