Day 40: A Plan for Long-Term Success

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Day 40: A Plan for Long-Term Success

It’s the final day of Overcome Porn: The 40 Day Challenge.

While the process of change is a lifelong experience, I pray this challenge has been a turning point for you—not just another “monument” moment in your life, but better than that. I hope it marks a new beginning, a new place to plant your feet.

Like William Faulkner said, “A monument only says, ‘At least I got this far,’ while a footprint says, ‘This is where I was when I moved again.’

PS: If you have any questions or comments about today’s lesson or the 40-day challenge in general, please leave your comment here.

Action Step

Watch “Where do I go from here?” In this video I talk about a longterm plan for change.

PenRemember: After watching the video, take some time to write down the most memorable take-aways in your Journal. Make sure to fill out your self-assessment charts for the day as well.

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