Day 15: Focusing On What We Gain

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Day 15: Focusing On What We Gain

It’s Day 15 of the Challenge, and we are going to begin taking stock of what we gain when we pursue purity.

If you want to be rid of porn, a sure-fire way to fail is to get caught in the trap of obsessing over what you are losing—not having your temporary “fix” anymore. Instead, we need to focus on what we are gaining. Each day, before temptation even hits, we must prayerfully remind ourselves of the blessings of purity.

Action Step

ReadGo back and re-read the article: “Why Your Resolution to Quit Porn Will Fail Miserably (and how to succeed instead).”

You read this article over a week ago, but this time pay close attention to what the article says about the rewards of purity.

PenRemember: Write down any noteworthy take-aways from the article in your 40 Day Challenge Journal. Make sure to fill out your self-assessment charts for the day as well.

LightbulbQuestions for Reflection:

Which of these promises really motivate you? After reading the article, look through the biblical promises about purity and rewrite them in your journal as “I want” statements. For example: “I want to not be enslaved to my own passions so I can be free to serve others” (Galatians 5:13).

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