Monthly Archives : July 2015

Freedom for my stepdaughter

I'm praying for my step daughter. I'm asking for Jesus to deliver her having an interest in the same sex. I'm praying the spirit of identity confusion is released from her in the name of Jesus. I am praying she will have friends, laborers, and interceders who will enter her

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Starting a new path

I have been struggling with same sex attraction and homosexual behavior for years. I am saved, I was saved at a young age, and I know it is not the path God wants me on. I have tried before to get on the right path and wasn't able to maintain

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Help with temptation

Yes, I just need some much needed prayer as I continue to struggle in this sin of lust and same sex attraction. I feel so alone and hell bound.  I hate this and the struggle.   I don't nor ever did want it.  This is a product of issues in

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