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"Changed forever...A new life in Jesus Christ"

Miranda Pettit

Stories of Hope

The following represent some of the Stories of Hope from individuals and family members who have found freedom and healing from homosexuality and same-sex attractions through Jesus Christ and Truth Ministry. 

If you have a "Story of Hope" or a personal testimony of finding freedom from homosexual and same-sex attractions through Jesus Christ and/or the Hope for Wholeness Network and would like to share it, please upload your testimony online or email us.

Stories of Hope

Paula, now Paul—A Man After God’s Own Heart

Paula, now Paul—A Man After God’s Own Heart By Paul Pickering, Kokomo I had a life that was far from God, drowning in homosexuality and transgenderism, trying to live as a woman in a man’s body. But God had another plan. He invited me into a relationship with Him, and has since

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Sonya’s Story

Sonya's Story My journey began a very long time ago with a very bumpy road. My first crush was on the director of the kindergarten I attended. She was attractive and nice to me. As you can see, something must have happened before school that altered my thinking for me to

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Melanee’s Story

Melanee's Story BEAUTIFUL BRAVE BELOVED WARRIOR PRINCESS One of my favorite parts of The Bible comes from Luke 4. It’s where KING YESHUA—JESUS—quotes from Isaiah 61 describing how He came to heal the brokenhearted—the people whose hearts were shattered. Which means He came to heal ME, and for that, I am so

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Brady Cone’s Story

Brady Cone's Story Brady ConeDirector Just eight short years ago I was a college student at Chadron State, and I was living a homosexual lifestyle. I had struggled with these issues since a young age and thought I was trapped in that lifestyle. Coming to know Christ changed

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Chris Sherwood’s Story

Chris Sherwood's Story I was born to an alcoholic mother and an emotionally absent and explosive father and was raised in a small and poor working class town in upstate NY. My mother was a non practicing Catholic. But we were all expected to participate in after school catechism instructions and

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Although I had no basis for knowing whether my feelings would ever change, I concluded that I could trust the One who created me and died for me, and in fact trust Him more than my own attractional tendencies.

Solely His – A Female Leader within Hope for Wholeness

My story is perhaps a bit different from many you might hear on a website like this, and although I'm not ready to go totally public, what I share here might serve as an encouragement to those who may be wondering where they fit. I was raised by two parents

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The burning passions I felt for other girls and women increased with fury in highschool. As much as I longed to have a passion for other guys, I had feelings for other girls.

My Journey My Story

My Past When I was 11 years old, I discovered, as a result of the onset of puberty, that I had same-sex attractions. Being brought up in a Christian home with my mom as the sole provider, it was quite challenging for me because I always felt like I didn’t belong.

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