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  1. Artistry on Display, By Tony Moore: General Session
  2. Bob Ragan & Sonia Balcer
  3. Born Artistic, Sensitive, and Creative – Not Gay, By Matthew Aaron
  4. Communicating Spiritual Truth in Today’s Culture, By Bob Hamp: Leaders Conference
  5. Developing Healthy Same-Sex Female Relationships, By Miranda Pettit
  6. Effective Helping: Managing Our Own Impairments, By Andria Siglar-Smalz
  7. Emily Kellogg, & Larry Lother
  8. Friendship…The Master Passion, By Carla Harshman
  9. Healing from Abuse: The Root of Bitterness, By Steven Bjork
  10. How God Blesses a Difficult Marriage—Willa Medinger’s Story, By Judith Hartzell
  11. How to Overcome Same-Sex Attractions: The Story of Alan Medinger, By Judith Hartzell
  12. How to Tell Your Story Without F.E.A.R., By David Soesbee
  13. Identifying The Enemy: Confronting Our Weaknesses, By Larry Lother
  14. Learning to Lead as a Liberator, By Tom Cole
  15. Masculine and Feminine, By Bob Hamp: General Session
  16. Nature or Nurture: Can We Trust the Research?, By Andria Siglar-Smalz
  17. Our Identity in Christ, By Miranda Pettit
  18. Our Process to Wholeness, By Christel Novella
  19. Overcoming Intimidation: Relating to Straight Women, By Christine Sneeringer
  20. Praise and Worship in the Healing Process, By Duncan Heinly
  21. Principles of Freedom: Values and Paradigms, By Bob Hamp
  22. Process is Not a Four-Letter Word, By Daniel Mingo: General Session
  23. Radical Love, By Kimberly Soesbee
  24. Recognizing and Dealing with Emotional Dependency, By Jeanie Smith
  25. Renewing Your Mind (Romans 12:1-2), By Donna Cole
  26. Running with Endurance: Keys to Relapse Prevention, By Christine Sneeringer
  27. Safeguards, By Steven Bjork
  28. Sexual Purity: Reclaiming Your Mind, By Daniel Mingo
  29. Shaped by the Father’s Love, By Meleah Allard
  30. Sharing Your Story, By Miranda Pettit
  31. Starting and Refining a Hope for Wholeness Ministry, By McKrae Game
  32. Testimonies: Brenna Kate Simonds, Meleah Allard, & Josh Inman
  33. The Father Principle, By Tom Cole
  34. The Kingdom and The Church, By Bob Hamp: Leaders Conference
  35. The Power of Choosing to Trust, By Brenna Kate Simonds
  36. The Power of God in Our Process, By Dee Barnes: General Session
  37. The Problem Jesus Came to Solve, By Bob Hamp: General Session
  38. The Process of Healing, By Andria Siglar-Smalz: General Session
  39. True Intimacy Part 2: Encounters with Desire, By Bob Ragan
  40. True Masculinity, By Tom Cole
  41. What Does it Take to Succeed?, By McKrae Game: General Session
  42. When Your Child Breaks Your Heart: Coping with Gay and Transgender Kids, By Marc Dillworth
  43. You are God’s Favorite: The Reality of God’s Heart, By Brenna Kate Simonds

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Some portions of the conference were unfortunately not able to be recorded/offered.

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