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The Hope for Wholeness Network exists so that those who struggle with homosexuality find freedom to live in sexual and relational wholeness according to God's design.

Genesis 1:27

Hope for Wholeness' History

 Hope for Wholeness started as an affiliate of Exodus International in 1999.

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With the fallout from the Gay Christian Network panel, media controversy, and other related issues, many were falling away from our beloved Exodus family. What had been a close knit group of friends and respected leaders began to splinter. Some left out of disagreement and on principle while others of us stayed, not wanting to leave a void for those seeking help. We’ve stayed in touch with many of these friends, and many have joined our network.

The Hope for Wholeness Network is our effort to bring together likeminded ministries, churches, counselors, public speakers, and other organizations. Hope for Wholeness acknowledges the crucial need to work in concert with churches and local outreaches. Through our Network we hope to do three things.

  • We encourage the church to stand boldly and graciously on the truth of scripture with regard to homosexuality.
  • We hope to equip churches to minister to individuals within their congregations who struggle with same-sex attractions, as well as the family members of a gays or lesbians.
  • We are creating a worldwide referral network, including your ministry, for people seeking freedom to live according to God’s design, as well as for those that are searching for a healthy community that will walk alongside them in their journey.

For men and women seeking to surrender their sexuality to the Lordship of Christ, a pivotal part of healing and restoration is the need to be integrally included in the Body of Christ. One young man shared, "The biggest thing that has helped me is to be able to talk about my struggle with people who encouraged me to reach out and talk to others. I realize I’m not alone.” If you are interested in becoming a Hope for Wholeness Network Referral, please visit our Network Referral Signup page under Contact Us. We encourage you to contact us at 864-583-7606 or (toll free) 1-844-332-3809 and online if you have any questions.

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