My Genes Made Me Do It


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My Genes Made Me Do It: A Scientific Look at Sexual Orientation

by Neil and Briar Whitehead

This clearly written, simple-to-understand little paperback book should be stocked in all public libraries. Dr. Neil Whitehead, a research scientist and biochemist, with his wife Briar, a writer, methodically examine the evidence for the “born that way” theory and explain why none of the biologically based theories can be substantiated as causative, rather than simply predisposing. The authors address the following issues: Are Heterosexuals Born that Way? To What Extent Do Our Instincts Control Us? How Does Sexual Identity Develop? What is the Cross-Cultural Evidence? Does Prenatal Hormone Exposure Cause Homosexuality? How Does Sexual Identity Form in People with Genitalia of Both Sexes? Is Homosexuality Changeable? They also carefully critique the Kinsey research on which so much of sexology has come to rely. One section particularly useful for researchers is the discussion of path analysis, the statistical method used by Bell et al. to analyze the data in the 1981 study published as Sexual Preference: Its Development in Men and Women. The Bell study is often used by gay activists as proof that family factors cannot be implicated in homosexual development. Yet a closer analysis of Bell et al.’s findings had led other observers to a different conclusion. This book has pulled together an impressive array of research and analyzed it clearly and usefully. It is carefully researched and annotated, and will be very useful to students and researchers seeking a clear, simple summary of the most relevant data. For more, see website:  (Review source:

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