16 Telltale False Twin Flame Signs

Twin flames are known for their uniquely powerful and soulful connection. 

However, some things can be too good to be true with many often ending up dating a false twin because they seem so authentic.

So how can you tell the difference?

You’re in luck because this article contains 16 false twin flame signs that will help you reveal the truth.

But, before we begin, and just so that we’re clear…

What is a False Twin?

A False twin is a person who seems like your twin or “soul mate” as some people call it, but in truth they are not.

You feel that everything you do with this person is exactly what they want to do and they love to spend time with you.

They show all the signs of being your twin flame, but in reality, they are an imposter.

Instead of having a deep and bonded connection with them, the bond between you and this false twin feels superficial.

Basically, they’re in this for their own interest and possibly worse – they could be a narcissist who is love bombing you and looking to use you for their own ends!

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What Are The Signs You’ve Met a False Twin?

1.  They’re Toxic!

True Twin Flame relationships have their ups and downs but a false twin flame takes toxicity to the next level! 

There is nothing healthy about their relationship with you, and if you don’t get far away from their influence, it will destroy any positive energy you had.

Yes, nobody’s perfect and we all have flaws, however, if you’re looking for false twin flame signs know that being gaslighted and belittled comes standard.

Many of us don’t know for sure whether we’re in a toxic relationship or not until it’s too late, because it’s hard to see it when we’re in it! When we’ve become invested in someone, it’s so hard to see their actions for what they really are.

Not to mention, we may have already become emotionally attached to them. So it’s imperative that you keep an eye out in the early stages and to test your date.

But let’s say you’re already involved with this person. How would you really know for sure if they’re toxic? 

The biggest distinguishing factor is this: a toxic person will magnify your fears, while a healthy person will almost always try to alleviate them.

To help you discern whether your love interest is seriously toxic or not, check these 10 seemingly harmless signs of a toxic relationship!

2. They Seem to Bring You Further Away From Your Higher Purpose in Life

Real twin flames will make you feel very clear about your purpose in life. Even if it’s a bit unclear when you first meet them, over time they’ll guide you towards your real purpose and take you away from all the unnecessary noise in your life.

If your twin seems to bring your energy down and activate your fears all the time rather than helping you see your purpose in this life, then you’re definitely with a false twin flame.

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3. They’re Not Emotionally Committed To You (And Are Perhaps Even Chasing Others)

Real twin flames are hyper-attuned to one another and deeply empathise with each other, so the last thing they’d want to do is knowingly betray you.

This doesn’t mean that a real twin flame will never ever break your trust, as no twin (or human) is perfect, but if they aren’t committed to you emotionally, then they’re a false twin flame.

How would you know if they’re not committed to you?

Their emotions aren’t tied up with yours. Meaning, they don’t care how you feel and don’t want to relate to your feelings nor take care of you.

In fact, if you’ve triggered a man’s deep desire to commit and take care of you and only you, he’ll be addicted to you and want nobody but you. He’ll emotionally commit and give you everything – never crumbs!

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4. They Are Seriously Envious Of You

A real twin flame won’t envy your success or your good fortune, and even if they do, it will be benign envy, not malicious envy. 

A real twin flame will always seek to build you up rather than tear you down, so if something good happens in your life (or you’re just generally awesome), and they seem to respond with something negative to say, then consider this one of the clear false twin flame signs.

5. They Are Always In Crisis!

“Everything is a crisis”, “never a dull moment.” You will never be able to count on this person for anything because they are constantly falling apart and afraid they will lose everything they have. 

Usually, there’s a lot of drama surrounding the false twin flame because they need to keep themselves at the center of attention.

Sure, some people are genuinely in a crisis or having a hard time. But if you feel in your gut that this person:

  • Can never be there for you, but rather, is always trying to solicit your attention at your expense, or 
  • They aren’t satisfied unless there’s something to complain about and something to get your attention over, then that’s one of the false twin flame signs

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6. They Need To Be The Center Of Attention.

The False Twin is the one person who will always make themselves the center of attention, even if it’s not in a good way. 

They need to make sure everyone knows what they think, say, and feel at all times. 

They are usually loud and do not hesitate to tell you what they think or feel about a situation very directly. In the beginning, this may seem great, like you’re dealing with a “super confident”, “honest” person, but soon it becomes exhausting.

And it becomes exhausting because they’re all about themselves not about connecting with you – so how could they ever truly be a twin flame?

Real twin flames usually show strong signs of being authentic and commitment-friendly, not just in the beginning, but consistently over time. How can you be sure that your love interest is going to be there for the long term and not abandon you? Take our quiz to be sure:

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7. They Often Lack Boundaries.

Of the most compelling false twin flame signs is a partner that has lost all sense of boundaries. Take it from me, all you will feel is pain and confusion. 

They will constantly be testing to see how far they can push you, oftentimes to your limit. 

This can be especially difficult if they also have a strong sense of entitlement because of who they are attracted to. 

They may also test you on your own limits that others would not even recognize as being a limit.


I want to be clear on something here. It’s normal (as you get closer to someone and the connection becomes deeper), to feel like your boundaries are being pushed (and you will push theirs too).

But there’a a difference between boundary pushing that brings you closer to your twin flame, and boundary pushing that pushes you to the edge, literally, and makes you lose more and more trust in them over time!

What’s the difference?

That’s easy.

The difference is that toxic boundary pushing will make you feel more and more disconnected and stressed around them over time; whilst healthy boundary pushing will make you grow and understand yourself and your twin more over time, making you feel more connected.

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8. They Will Always Want To Be “The Hero”.

This is one of the most telling false twin flame signs, a partner who insists on being a hero!

Now, there’s a real, genuine hero and a fake hero. 

A fake hero never really makes you feel more connected to them. They’ll never make you feel happier in your life, instead they’ll consistently make you feel more angry, depressed and repelled by them.

Fake heroes will always feel the need to be a savior and hero in your life, even when they’re not actually needed, or when you are perfectly capable of handling what’s going on in your own life. 

They may say that you’re too sensitive, or that you need to be more self-aware, but they actually don’t care about your feelings. What they really care about is controlling you.

9. They Have Major Abandonment Issues.

A False Twin can have a very strong sense of abandonment or rejection from their own life that they are projecting onto you. 

It’s also possible that they are projecting their hidden abandonment issues towards their parents onto you, which may also interfere with your relationship.

What does it mean to project their abandonment issues onto you?

It means that they:

  • Accuse you of being untrustworthy or of cheating on them
  • Assume the worst of you (and treat you as if you’re actually their worst imagined version of you)

They can’t relax into real intimacy with you, and therefore you always feel like they’re a separate entity to you rather than actually being your twin flame

These fears of abandonment that they have will become a problem for you if you allow their behavior to go unquestioned and unnoticed.

If your twin is usually quite wonderful, but does seem to have serious abandonment issues, try to nurture your twin flame’s fears and stress, and see if they respond well or just create more distance.

If they continually create more distance between you (and it feels like there’s no hope of ever getting emotionally close to them), you might be dealing with someone who has an avoidant attachment style!

And this is especially true if you’ve always felt a distance, or if you’ve felt very disconnected from your twin right from the early days of dating.

So if you suspect your twin flame has an avoidant attachment style, you’ll find that life with them is increasingly difficult unless you learn to communicate well with an avoidant, especially if you are also anxiously attached (or perhaps have an avoidant attachment style yourself!)

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(Why is this important? It is because your core attachment style largely dictates and influences what happens in your relationship. Thus it’s imperative you understand your core attachment style!)

10. They Make You Awaken Alone

When you meet your true twin flame, you’ll feel like you’re both awakening together. 

You’ll have realisations about the world around you in a synchronised way, and you’ll both feel like you’re coming to new insights and ideas about yourself and the world at the same time. 

A false twin flame may even be able to fake this type of thing for some time (making you feel, at least on a superficial level), that they’re awakening alongside you.

Yet you’ll always feel like something is ‘off’, and you gut may be feeling uneasy about the relationship.

11. They’re High Maintenance.

The false twin will become your whole life. 

They may have no interest in anything that doesn’t involve them. 

They may also have a major need to be pampered and put on a pedestal at all times, which creates an unhealthy dynamic within your relationship. 

When they don’t get their way, they’re known to sulk and stew to make life as unpleasant for you as possible!

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12. They Are Very Controlling.

Is your partner insanely controlling and do they want to keep tabs on you at all times?

If you’ve answered yes, this is probably one of the most damaging false twin signs.

false twin flames have a strong need to control and micromanage your life and your relationships with others. 

You will always be under their control, even if you don’t want or need it. What’s more, they will stop at nothing in their efforts to control you and those around you. 

This can be especially difficult if they refuse to listen to your request for some autonomy, and instead try to manipulate you.

13. They Are Insecure.

If you look deeply into false twin flame relationships, you will often find insecurity and a lack of self-esteem at the root. 

This insecurity can lead to anger, jealousy, and controlling behavior to maintain power in the relationship.

But the truth is that real twin flame relationships are not at all about power. They are about:

  • Spiritual connection
  • Love 
  • Healthy challenges; and 
  • At least in some moments, feeling like you could live an infinite life together!

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14. They Never Apologize For Anything!

Let’s get one thing straight:

If someone is your real twin flame, they’ll empathise with you! They’ll feel what you feel and they’ll feel your misfortunes, anger and sadness.


If they ever hurt you, they’ll care enough to apologise (because that’s what empathy makes a twin flame do).

However, the false twin flame is always right! They will never accept blame for anything because of their deep-rooted lack of self-esteem, even when they did something wrong or hurtful towards you. 

They’ll never accept responsibility nor take accountability because everything is everyone else’s fault.

If this resonates with you, it’s another red flag or, more importantly, one of the haughtiest false twin signs!

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15. They Will Do Whatever It Takes To Get The Things They Want!

The false twin flame is not above using any means necessary in order to get their way. 

They may be a master of manipulation or might use their looks, status, age or money to get what they want. 

It doesn’t really matter what it is either, because the False Twin will use whatever it takes to get what they want. 

This includes but is not limited to threats or bribery.

16. They Can’t Stand It If You Don’t Agree With Them!

Real twin flames just “get” you, or at the very least are willing to try.

But: a false twin is a person who does not respect your freedom of thought. 

They’ll always want to make all the decisions for you, and will often do so. 

If you don’t agree with their opinion this can become a problem because they will see this as a personal attack or rejection on their part.

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Wrapping Up

So now that you know which false twin flame signs you need to be on the lookout for, the ball is in your court.

The brutal truth?

There are no exceptions to this rule and if you’ve met someone trying to convince you differently, run for your life. 

There is no shame in escaping an unhealthy relationship. Your life might be happier without them at all! 

They are not part of your soul path, nor a positive influence on your life path. If you have any doubts about the situation, ask yourself if it feels like this person knows who you are and sees your soul, rather than trying to trap you into their tiny, toxic container of what the world (and you) should be like.

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