You ARE a Masterpiece in Process!

  • You ARE a Masterpiece in Process!

You ARE a Masterpiece in Process! By McKrae Game

The issue of homosexuality and same-sex attraction is complicated, frustrating, exhausting, confusing, and more. Parents hear that their son or daughter is gay and their mind is blown. Their worst fears and often their suspicions have been realized. They’ve hoped it isn’t true, but now they don’t know what to do, think, feel or say. The person struggling with homosexuality often lives in fear of someone finding out.

I’ve met with so many sheepish men, young and old, and I’m sure Miranda, our Women’s Leader, has this same experience with the women. They don’t know what they’re getting into. Many times they hope we can “fix” them so they can just act like nothing happened. Then, they could act like it was all a bad dream and don’t have to admit this struggle, this part of their life to anyone. They just want it to go away. When I tell them that it’s not that easy, that our problems don’t just go away, they often get frustrated with me. My daughter has a plastic wand with a rhinestone star on top. A “magic wand.” I’ve thought about keeping it in my desk for such times as I encounter someone with the unrealistic expectations that we can work some magic to make it all go away. The truth is I can’t do that. I never want to imply that we can wave a magic wand through counseling, prayer, or whatever and their problems, particularly their same-sex attraction, will magically go away.

Very sadly, many have turned over to the world and their flesh. They’re jaded now, wanting only what their flesh wants. Their spirit in Christ has either never been awoken and they are lost or they have become so deceived that they’re blind to the work of the enemy in their lives. If it’s a young person, I can understand. Their body is raging and the world is drawing them in with promises of good times that will never end. I hope at some point that I’ll see them again, when they’ve experienced enough pain to snap them out of their euphoria, but I also know that too often there is a point of no return that many do not come back from. Then there are those that are married, with kids. These for me are the most difficult and frustrating stories. They are tragedies, really.

I am incredibly thankful that my time in homosexuality was short, ending in a salvation experience. Of course, if you know my story, it didn’t end there. When I got married, and even before marriage, I wanted to live a life of honor. When I accepted Christ in my heart, He changed EVERYTHING. Were my same-sex attractions gone? No. Was my sexual addiction gone? No. But I was able to bring the latter under control, praise God. I wanted a family. A wife and children, for me, represented what was good and desirable and were used by the Lord to draw me away from that way of life. I had a dream, and family was a big part of it.

For many, joy and contentment in singleness has been their pursuit. Paul says that he wishes everyone could be like him (single, I assume), but he also knew that for most that wouldn’t be the case.

Christine Sneeringer, in our Hope for Wholeness video curriculum said, “For me, it was Jesus or BUST!” That is my desire for not just my life, but for the ministry and message of Hope for Wholeness. I want people to see their value in what God sees in them, and see their unique plan that He has for them. You don’t have to struggle alone any longer! There IS a community of caring people that you can meet in person in just three weeks.

Whether you are that hurting parent or frustrated person dealing with this issue, we are here to serve you. This is your opportunity to come out from the fog, the haze, the muck and the mire, and be able to breathe. This is your chance to come out from any excuse that you may have made to yourself, give us a call, and get to Ridgecrest. I’m sure that afterwards you will say, “Thank you. I’m SO GLAD I listened and came. This really helped.” Do what is necessary, and make it happen, and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you’re afraid of what you’ll encounter, you’re not alone. I remember my wife and I going to our first conference in Virginia. It was an eight hour drive. We didn’t know what we were getting into. We were scared to death, about to throw up from the anxiety. It turned out to be amazing! Then our first national conference was in Seattle, Washington, clear across the country. We’d never been so far away from home. We didn’t have the money, but I went to my mom and asked if she’d help and she came through for us. After these events, I said I’d never miss another one, and I didn’t. They were life-changing. The Spirit of God was so thick it was transforming. The conversations and relationships were so sweet. We had camaraderie that I’d never experienced. What was odd and fearful, was now a bond of commonality that we shared.

At the Masterpiece in Process conference, you’ll establish relationships that will give you hope. You’ll experience teaching that will give you room to breathe and give you insight which will be priceless. Don’t miss out! Do what it takes to be in your place!

Regardless of your situation, if you’re reading this newsletter, then you need to be at our HFW Conference—Masterpiece in Process. No excuses! If money is an issue, I assure you that we can help you work it out so that you can be there. We can’t get you to the event, but if you can get there, we can help you be there with us.

If you’re interested at all in leadership, you are welcome to the Leader’s day, Wednesday, June 3 at 10am. Otherwise, the full conference starts Thursday morning at 9am and goes until Sunday with lunch. If you’ve never heard of or experienced Ridgecrest, it’s an amazing Christian conference center, owned by Lifeway, an arm of the Southern Baptist Convention. It’s a safe, secure, and very modern retreat center. It’s a retreat, an experience that you’ll be very thankful you made the investment in.

I hope to see you there. If you have not been to the conference page on our website and watched the videos, I’d strongly encourage you to do so. I believe the pictures from last year’s conference will help ease your nerves and help you say, “I need to be there.”

Hope to see you soon! 

Give us a call today if we can help. Walk ups are welcome. 

This is your chance! Don’t miss it. 

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