The God Ask

McKrae AnniversaryThe God Ask

By McKrae Game

As I’m writing this, we are in the last few days of getting ready to travel to Fort Myers, for our very first Hope Rising conference in Fort Myer’s, FL.

We’re wanting to take this one day conference around the country. We’re excited to have just found out that we received a grant from a local organization to help offset some of the costs to bringing Hope Rising to our hometown, Spartanburg, SC. Our goal is to bring Hope Rising’s educational and encouraging message to individuals and families around the country. Hope Rising is just one of the many things we have on our “God-ask” list.

Recently I sent out a financial appeal via social media and email, due to being unable to pay salaries and rent. I said in the announcement, “Many of you DO support us on a regular or semi-regular basis. But the reality is that a few times a year our coffers are empty, and this is one of those times.” I received a book in the mail—The God Ask—by a ministry partner with a check for $200 and an encouraging note. The book is for mission organizations and individuals who are tasked with raising their own support. This gentleman knows what it’s like, having to raise his own support for his ministry. It centers on being fully funded, focusing on “the God ask.” As I’m reading the book, I realize that we have a LARGE job ahead of us.

In a cost cutting effort, we have had to remove some 400 recipients from our monthly mailing and moved them to quarterly. We’re hoping to receive their gift, to continue their monthly newsletter or at least move to e-news to stay in touch.

I’m also reminded that we ALL have our own God-asks, and God-asks are what this ministry is ALL about, and it has been since the beginning.

This is the month for anniversaries! My wife and I just celebrated our 20th anniversary, 21 years since our first kiss, and the 24th of February is my       25th year as a Christian and away from the homosexual life. It’s also this ministry’s 17th anniversary since its launch in 1999, and the same month as our first Hope Rising.

When I walked away from homosexuality, 25 years ago, I had never even heard of a former homosexual. I’d certainly never heard of Exodus. My world didn’t come crashing down when Exodus closed, as I’d like to believe, I grabbed its torch before it even hit the ground. This month, we’re featuring a blog from one of the men that I’ve quoted before. Mark has certainly come out of his shell being a part of Hope for Wholeness and I’m very proud of him for all his progress.

Please consider all of our anniversaries in this month’s giving. We’ve got a   God-ask, for sure. He’s the only One that can move upon the hearts of those we serve for change in their lives, and He’s the only One that can move upon the hearts of those who He’s already set in place to support this ministry’s work. We each have our own personal God-ask, for our lives, for our journey, and for our own finances. Our ministry’s God-ask is to help us move past the financial shortcomings; to actually have a surplus so we can help more people, hire more staff, and help those He places in our path. Help us to pray, work, and bring in the resources that God has provided.

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