That my son's planned "wedding Ceremony" will be stopped and God will redeem my son and his unbelieving partner

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  • That my son’s planned “wedding Ceremony” will be stopped and God will redeem my son and his unbelieving partner

My son is planning a “same sex” wedding ceremony Sept. 21. I ask that your prayer partners pray that God speak to him and his partner like God spoke to Balaam’s donkey, since they are under such a strong delusion. I fear spiritually for them because of this blasphemous attack on the image of God, and His image shown in the marriage ceremony. I know God can stop this with His redeeming ways, and that’s how I pray- for God’s redemption in the life of my son and his self-proclaimed “secular humanist” partner. Because there is only one month until this planned event, I ask for urgent prayer now. By the way, my son is angry with me because I refuse to attend that which I consider is blasphemy, and says this will affect our long-term relationship. He says the partner’s family is too angry with my husband and me to even talk with us. I have a good relationship with the “fiance” and talk with him, but since he is completely unschooled in anything Christian, I have only spoken my objections, not written a Biblical essay on why this is wrong. I will write the essay for my thoughts, but not sure I will e-mail it to him. Please pray for deliverance from the lie, and for God’s power, love, and a sound mind for all involved. Thank you.

Ann B.

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