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"Changed forever...A new life in Jesus Christ"

Miranda Pettit

Stories of Hope

The following represent some of the Stories of Hope from individuals and family members who have found freedom and healing from homosexuality and same-sex attractions through Jesus Christ and Truth Ministry. 

If you have a "Story of Hope" or a personal testimony of finding freedom from homosexual and same-sex attractions through Jesus Christ and/or the Hope for Wholeness Network and would like to share it, please upload your testimony online or email us.

Stories of Hope

I have walked the road you are walking now. The fact that I am writing to you now is proof that God already knew how this would all work out. He is able to use your experience and my story to reach someone else who is hurting.

From a Mother Who Has Been There By Peggy Wakefield

McKrae's Mom's Story I am writing to you because I want to share great hope for your precious family as you face the traumatic reality of homosexuality in a loved one's life. Whether you learned of this with your son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter through a declaration or a discovery,

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  • Story of  Mickeal, Luke 12:2-3

Story of Mickeal, Luke 12:2-3

We've corresponded with this very gentleman for a number of years, whom I've personally traveled and met with in Florida. He's also published a book, in which we plan on republishing for him and offering on our website. This is his personal story. From behind bars, he considers himself a

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  • A Long Journey Home By Steve Parker

A Long Journey Home By Steve Parker

I've often shared about my struggles with homosexu­ality and how the power of God has set me free. What is sad, however, is that I could have found that free­dom many years ago if I had been willing to open up and talk to other members of the Body of

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