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"Changed forever...A new life in Jesus Christ"

Miranda Pettit

Stories of Hope

The following represent some of the Stories of Hope from individuals and family members who have found freedom and healing from homosexuality and same-sex attractions through Jesus Christ and Truth Ministry. 

If you have a "Story of Hope" or a personal testimony of finding freedom from homosexual and same-sex attractions through Jesus Christ and/or the Hope for Wholeness Network and would like to share it, please upload your testimony online or email us.

Stories of Hope

My reality with men was either they walked out on me or abused me. There was no positive influence by them at all in my life.

- Jill Mackin

A Former Gay and Lesbian Civil Rights Activist Surrenders To God’s Call

Jill Mackin's Story I give God all the glory when I say “former.” The word tells us “And such WERE some of you, but, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.” I grew up in a turbulent home

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My Girl & His Girl

Meleah's Story I’m a Pastor’s daughter, and I walked down the aisle of Calvary Baptist Church asking Jesus to be my Savior when I was 9 years old. As a child I loved attending church, singing in the choir and being part of my youth group. I even went on a

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I made the commitment to be involved with Truth's Mens Ministry. Finally, I met guys just like me that had similar stories and similar struggles that I could relate to; they soon became good friends.

Amazing Grace! By Hope for Wholeness’ Prison Correspondence Leader

Michael's Story This year I turned 50 years old, certainly a milestone in my life, as it is for anyone.  It has taken me a long time to share my story; this testimony comes with great trepidation and leaning on God.  Though I have been on the leadership team with Hope

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I wanted help, but I kept this sexual addiction as my shameful secret from everyone, including my church family, my wife and my children. I was sure that my life would be over if anyone ever found out what I was doing.

Living Two Different Lives is Very Stressful By Tony Moore

Tony Moore's Story I grew up in a close-knit Christian family. There was never any doubt that my parents loved me. My father was the busy pastor of a small church who also worked another full-time job. I grew up with strict Christian discipline, and our family life revolved around the

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  • Beauty For Ashes  By Stacy Pope

Beauty For Ashes By Stacy Pope

Stacy's Story Countless times I have written this, my testimony, only to fall again. I have swept my hurt under the rug in order to function while refusing to seek true healing. However, as my desire deepens to know God, I allow true healing to flow giving God room to heal

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Changed Forever…A new life in Christ By Miranda Pettit

Miranda's Story My childhood probably wasn’t very unusual, and it certainly wasn’t terrible.  My dad worked to support my mom and four children, of which I am the only girl.  He was also an alcoholic, drinking with his co-worker “buddies” while on the road working, sometimes for two- to three-week intervals. 

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I longed for affection, nurturing, and care from men but never received it. I interpreted these needs as being gay and suffered in silence out of fear of what this meant and what others may have thought.

In My Father’s Arms By Tom Vinegar

Tom's Story In my mind, I can still picture him standing at the bus stop: a man that I perceived as gay.  The thought came to me that I was like him, and I accepted that thought as the truth.  I had been molested by an older man on several occasions

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I started working the local truck stop and anywhere else I thought I would find a man to love me. By my twentieth birthday, I was involved in drugs and alcohol.

The Prodigal Son Returned By Brian Titus

Brian's Story I have a lot of good memories of my childhood which, combined with a lot of other not-so-good memories, have brought me to where I am today. It was God's plan from the beginning: to take an abused child and the associated pain, and use it with His love

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I was constantly tormented by the same-sex feelings. Somehow I knew the feelings I was having were wrong but I did not know how to change them; therefore, I suffered much pain, guilt and shame while feeling like a freak…not female and not male.

A Monument of God’s Grace By Elsie Odom

Elsie Odom's Story I was born the eldest of five children, four girls and one boy.  When I was born, Satan tried his best to kill me.  I was born at home and my Grandmother said she had to beat me all night to keep me alive.  You gotta remember beatings

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I found Hope for Wholeness and emailed for help. Interim Directorresponded and said he could help. I talked to him for almost two hours, and for once in 2 ½ years, I was talking to someone who understood.

I Found Hope By A Mother of a Teen Son Helped by Hope for Wholeness

Mother of a Teen Two and a half years ago, my husband and I agreed to let an 11 yr. old boy come to stay with us. We were licensed foster parents with therapeutic training and experience and had been working with children of various and diverse backgrounds for over 12

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