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"Changed forever...A new life in Jesus Christ"

Miranda Pettit

Stories of Hope

The following represent some of the Stories of Hope from individuals and family members who have found freedom and healing from homosexuality and same-sex attractions through Jesus Christ and Truth Ministry. 

If you have a "Story of Hope" or a personal testimony of finding freedom from homosexual and same-sex attractions through Jesus Christ and/or the Hope for Wholeness Network and would like to share it, please upload your testimony online or email us.

Stories of Hope

We may be the only Jesus our child’s partner ever sees.

God Used an Eight Year Old By Betty Kalbes

Betty KalbesThe Way OutDirector Thirty-three years ago I asked my daughter a question and her answer would change our relationship for years to come.  I asked her if she was a lesbian.  She said she was and “Did I hate her?”  I told her I didn’t hate

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Mystified By His Glory By Jacob Morgan

Jacob Morgan's Story I was raised in a Christian home, believing that all I needed to do was be baptized; and at age 12 I did just that. I was involved in everything going on at church. Church had become a ritual, a habit. All of these activities were right, but

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Dan Almeter

Dan AlmeterReferral Counselor Augusta, GA Dan Almeter I struggled with some ssa feelings in my late adolescence but never acted out on them. Nor did I ever get into any porn. The feelings however were very scary to me and I was confused even more when certain men "hit"

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Stepping Stones

Shawn Harrison When I was about 14, I remember watching a PBS news segment on gays & lesbians. They showed two guys kissing, and something clicked within my head, “That’s who I am! I’m gay.” Though I was a typical boy in grade school who chased the girls, I also knew I

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We had no direction. We were ashamed and I felt guilty. What did I do to cause this? What could I have done differently? How can I “fix” this?

A Mother’s Journey

Nora Seemann My oldest daughter Beth lived the homosexual lifestyle for almost 24 years. Never once, during that time, did we hear “Mom, I’m gay.” Beth is the oldest of my four children from my first marriage and this is our story. When my children were four to 11 years old, their

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I searched for love, acceptance, and my sexual identity in all the wrong places which led me into alcoholism, drugs, prostitution and many toxic promiscuous relationships with men; one right after the other.

I Found My Identity In Jesus

Elsie Odom I was born the eldest of five children, four girls and one boy. I became the product of an extremely dysfunctional, co-dependent family of alcoholic parents who physically and emotionally abused me. Also, I was sexually molested many times over the period of my childhood by different relatives. My mother

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Because of those years of my life I suffered from heavy porn addiction and became very confused about my sexual identity and believed I was bisexual during Middle and High School.

Steven Bjork

First, I was adopted at birth due to my biological father being a dangerous person. Since then I have met my biological Mom and brothers and sisters. I’ve been blest to know they are saved, and continue to have a great relationship with all of them. At the age of eight,

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Beyond Surviving – Daniel Mingo’s Story

Daniel MingoExecutive DirectorAbba's Delight Daniel's Story I’ve been told my life mirrors the classic profile. I don’t know about that, but I do know that the power of God’s love and forgiveness has transformed my life in a way that I never thought was possible. I had hoped,

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Looking for Love and Acceptance – McKrae’s Story

McKrae's Story All my life I had felt rejected and looked over. I found love and acceptance by being lured and chased, but there was a price. I grew up in what seemed from the outside to be a normal, middle-class, Christian family. I was the younger of two children, always

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“Daddy, I’m gay”. I was devastated by those words. What had I done wrong for my son to choose this path for his life?

Daddy I’m Gay By Bill Creech

Bill's Story I was raised in a Southern Baptist home by a father and mother who are even today examples of what parents should be. They are both solid Christians who instilled Christian values in my siblings and me and there was never the fear that anyone in our family would

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