Sleeping With A Pisces Man Too Soon: 7 Hidden Costs For Women

Picture this: you meet a guy you like a lot and decide to sleep with him. 

The attraction is undeniable, you take all the healthy precautions and you feel emotionally ready for this step. 

It doesn’t sound too extreme so far, right? 

Then you find out he’s a Pisces. 

Big problem. 

Here’s why…

#1: Pisces guys tend to get lost in narcissism

The first of the big problems that comes with sleeping with a Pisces man too soon is that Pisces men tend to be a little on the self-absorbed side. 

It takes time for them to realize they like you and also to begin opening up to you. 

If you sleep with them right away, they may not appreciate it or fully know how they feel about you. 

They take time to get to know and trust you, and if you sleep with them they may become bored with you on a romantic level. 

The fact is, Pisces men often tend to get lost in narcissism. 

If they aren’t committed to someone else, they usually drift off into their own world which exists in their imagination and doesn’t tend to include a lot of commitment or consistency. 

Now, can a Pisces man be reliable and honest? Absolutely. 

But if you don’t bring out that side of him, he’s likely to revert to a dreamier, more wishy-washy side.

Frankly speaking, Pisces guys have a tendency to get a bit self-obsessed and lost in fantasy. 

When you sleep with him too soon, a Pisces man will often simply lose interest and move on to someone who seems to provide him a more demanding structure and less easy access to sex. 

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#2: Pisces guys aren’t usually very reliable 

Pisces is a sign ruled by the planet Neptune, which is characterized by the changing tides and is associated with being creative and dreaming. 

In addition to getting lost in his own dreams and self-absorbed, the Pisces man can have trouble coming down to earth and being reliable. 

It often takes a partner with stricter standards and more boundaries to reel in this slippery fish. 

That’s why sleeping with a Pisces guy too early can encourage his flaky instincts. 

He feels like you’re open for “whatever” and he slinks and swims along his own undercurrents, forgetting about you for the most part. 

It’s not that Pisces men like to be pressured or talked into a relationship. He will, of course, have to come to that decision on his own. 

But being too easygoing around sexual topics and decisions with a Pisces man can encourage his more apathetic aspects. 

Even if you’re feeling like you want to sleep with him quite soon when going out, try to be patient and give him more time to decide how he really feels about you and feel like he’s the one pursuing you rather than the other way around. 

You want to be demanding a high standard from the Pisces man, because deep down he is traditional in love and looking for a woman who will hold him to a higher standard. 

Consider yourself warned: if you don’t demand more from him, a Pisces man will treat you as a one night stand. 

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#3: Pisces guys don’t like difficult emotions 

The next big issue about sleeping with a Pisces man too soon is that these fishes like to escape from problems. 

While they tend to be very kind, creative and affectionate, Pisces men are also prone to escapism.

When things get very hard or confusing, they prefer to just go with the flow and get away from the hard emotions. 

Their first instinct when a problem comes up is to swim away and try to find warmer waters elsewhere.

This is a thing many people do, of course, not just Pisces men. But they tend to be particularly prone to it and they need to become accustomed to the challenges of relationships. 

See, here’s the thing: 

Every relationship is going to lead to some difficult emotions and situations arising. 

But if you sleep with a Pisces man too soon, he’s likely to get lost in the pleasurable physical sides of your connection and be even more apt to dart away as soon as any hard times come in emotionally. 

He’ll want all of the rewards and pleasure, without the struggle and less exciting times. 

Instead, by moving slower, you can make sure he understands that you’re not just a fantasy or sidestop for him and that if he wants that sweet loving he’s going to also need to come a bit more down to earth and commit as well. 

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#4: Pisces men have major communication issues

In addition to being fairly mercurial and changeable in terms of their plans and emotions, Pisces men usually have some communication issues. 

They may feel they know what they want one day, but then have a change of heart a few days later. 

They may really want to sleep with you, but then regret it after or feel that you’re not the “type” of girl they’re looking for. 

It’s best to be a bit cautious in the sexual department so that you don’t end up getting very confused by a Pisces man and what he’s actually looking for with you. 

If he likes you, he’s going to let you know and want something more serious with you. 

Sleeping with him sooner will not increase his interest in something real with you, so apart from the enjoyment of the act itself there is really no upside. 

Here’s the thing about Pisces guys and communication: 

To cut a long story short, they don’t express themselves well and can get easily frustrated by difficult or confusing situations. 

If you sleep with him quite soon but are hoping more will come of it, you may be on a very different page than this guy. 

One of the biggest problems with sleeping with a Pisces man too soon is that he can misinterpret this as you only wanting a hookup. 

Even if you’ve communicated your interest and think that things are getting more serious between you, he may not see it that way.

With a Pisces man, actions absolutely speak louder than words. 

No matter what he’s told you about his feelings for you or being “open” to more, you need to actually look at his behavior and actions in regard to you. 

Has he actually done things which show a higher level of interest and commitment for you? 

Is he at a point in the relationship where we will actually commit to you?

Be sure you know the answer, because after you sleep with him a Pisces man will usually swim away unless he’s truly got deeper feelings for you. 

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#5: Pisces guys can get easily distracted sexually

Have you ever watched a fish swimming around? Its eyes often diverge, checking out a wide-angle view of what’s around it. 

Maybe there’s a cute little clownfish it just spotted, or a really alluring sea anemone that it might want to cruise by a bit later. 

Pisces guys have wandering eyes, too. 

They are very visual creatures who love to let their imaginations wander and think of all the possibilities in this exciting universe of ours. 

This makes them especially susceptible to seduction and being unfaithful, which means you have to be sure that you trigger their commitment instinct before sleeping with a Pisces man too soon. 

While they are more traditional in romance, they often slot commitment away in a separate category than sexual adventures and intimacy. 

Your job is to make the Pisces guy see love and sex as related and connected. 

To accomplish that, you’ll need to understand and embody a trait called “high value vulnerability”.

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Until, and unless he is definitely emotionally committed to you, bumping boots with a Pisces man too soon can be a big mistake. 

Because now you just join his roster. And you never know what other talent might come up in the near future to bump you off that roster or lower down. 

That’s because one of the problems about sleeping with a Pisces man too soon is that they are usually easily distracted in sex. 

They may have the lovemaking session of their lives with you one night, but a few days later they’re out cruising for some stranger with a real hankering in their bones. 

Speaking of bones…

The Pisces man makes no bones about sexual exploration and tends to be very sexually liberal. 

Unless he’s got something serious with you and is in love with you, he’s likely to want to try one of each item from the menu, including dessert with extra sprinkles. 

If you get my drift…

#6: Pisces men judge women who sleep with them too soon

One of the things you have to understand about Pisces guys is that they are often more traditional in romance. 

They prefer to make the first move, although they’re still guys and they’ll tend to accept sex if it comes their way. 

The catch is that they will often judge a woman who comes onto them as being a “one of many” woman.

This means he will subconsciously place her out of the category of what we call “the one and only”.

Instead he will put you in the category of the “one of many”. 

Yes, lots of men, including Pisces men, will compartmentalize different women they meet into one of these two categories (and there is no overlap). 

So if you come onto him very hastily, a Pisces guy will believe you have slept with lots of other men quickly as well, discounting you (in their eyes) from being in their ‘one and only’ category. 

If possible, let him make the first move sexually, and you respond with whether you’re ready or not.

This will increase your chances of the Pisces guy seeing you as a woman in the ‘one and only’ category. And when you’re in the one and only category, he will emotionally commit and never – ever – give you crumbs.

This is because the one and only woman is the woman men fall in love with – never the one of many. This is due to the intrinsic value she presents with.

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#7: Pisces men are often internally conflicted 

Pisces tend to be very empathetic and compassionate about others. They have deep psychic abilities in some cases and the ability to really understand and sympathize with others. 

But they also tend to be internally conflicted and caught between their grander dreams and reality. 

The result is that they get caught up in their own fantasies and often make promises they can’t keep. 

In other words, a Pisces man may often write a check he can’t cash emotionally. He may be feeling particularly loving and sexually excited one day and say words he doesn’t really mean. 

Well, the problem is actually that he does mean them. But only at the time he says them. 

Then a few weeks later, things have changed; he doesn’t want something with you anymore. 

But you’ve already slept with him. He feels bad about that, but he’s also rapidly losing interest in you and thinking of new ideas and fantasies in his head. 

You slept with him too soon and removed all the mystery surrounding the physical spark. 

So: make sure you don’t quickly become part of his past, rather than his future…  

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I sleep with a Pisces man? 

The thing about sleeping with a Pisces man too soon is that “too soon” is a relative term. It really depends on how serious you are with this guy and more importantly, why you’re sleeping with him. 

If you both agree that a serious relationship is in the cards and things have been progressing with real actions and signs of commitment, then sleeping together could be the right move. 

But if you sleep with him on impulse, a Pisces man may well go into escapism or lose interest in you as noted in the article above. 

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How long is too long to wait to sleep with a Pisces man? 

Your decision of when to sleep with someone or not is yours alone. However as a general guide, the Pisces man will hope for sex once you’re getting serious. 

In general, sleeping with him on the first few dates is not a good idea, however if you feel like it a few months down the road and he is committed to you dating seriously, this can often be the right moment. 

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Are there any other key things to know about Pisces guys? 

Pisces guys like to move slower in romance. If you get physical too soon, he’s likely to see you more as a conquest than as a potentially serious partner. 

If you emphasize your sexual attractiveness or try to focus on flirting with him, a Pisces man may categorize you as the one of many woman, rather than the one and only. 

How do you know if a Pisces man is serious about you?

You’ll know he’s serious about you when you take sex out of the picture and he is happy to spend time connecting with you emotionally instead.

But here’s the catch: any man can pretend, so he has to prove that he wants to connect with you emotionally over an extended period of time (without sex).

So make sure you test his intentions. Here are 8 Genius Questions to Ask a Guy To Know His Intentions.

How long does it take a Pisces man to fall in love?

While Pisces men have some commonalities, each Pisces man is still an individual and they take carrying amounts of time to fall in love.

That said, Pisces men are known to be romantic and emotional, so they tend to fall in love relatively  quickly and deeply. 

But don’t mistake speed for superficiality. Pisces men are very intuitive and can sense your feelings easily, and they know if you’re being fake.

Due to their emotional nature, they tend to fall in love with women who have a deep capacity for being vulnerable. 

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What turns a Pisces man on in bed? 

Since they are more emotional in nature, Pisces men are turned on by the emotional connection and intimacy that comes with gentle physical touch. 

They are also turned on by:

  • Novelty in bed
  • Genuine affection
  • Ambience in the bedroom
  • Your emotional presence
  • Your nurturing nature; and
  • You ability to understand their emotional needs

Pisces men are also attracted to confidence and assertiveness in their partners. While they enjoy taking the lead, they will also appreciate it when you are willing to express your desires and initiate in the bedroom.

In short, Pisces men are turned on by emotional intimacy, creativity, sensuality, and confidence in bed. 


Don’t be afraid to be creative, sensual and bold in the bedroom with your Pisces man. He will appreciate it!

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Do Pisces men commit easily?

How quickly your Pisces man commits to you really depends on you and how you show up.

If you are leading your initial interactions with him purely with sex and enticing him only sexually rather than emotionally, then he will take much longer to commit.

If however, you are focusing on connecting with him emotionally, you may find that he commits faster. 

Remember, Pisces men are sensitive so they are more likely to hold back their commitment if they feel hurt by small things, or if they sense that you’re not going to be loyal.

In short, Pisces men are capable of committing to a relationship but they may take longer to commit than some other zodiac signs. 

They value trust, loyalty, and emotional connection in a relationship, so they want to see plenty of evidence that you share these values too. 

Be patient and give him some time to think things over and evaluate his feelings before making a commitment.

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