10 Revealing Signs A Taurus Man Is Sexually Attracted To You

Are you crushing on a Taurus man and wondering if he’s feeling the same way about you?

You can easily tell a Taurus man wants you sexually when:

  • You see him flirting with you
  • He is being affectionate and keeps trying to touch you
  • He stares at you and doesn’t seem to want to look away
  • He notices the details of your outfit, hair and makeup

Want to know more signs a Taurus man is sexually attracted to you?

No problem, I’m here to give you the inside scoop on the top 10 signs a Taurus man wants you badly.

#1: He’s got those bedroom eyes.

Taurus men are known for their smouldering gaze, and when they’re feeling deep sexual desire for you, they’ll make prolonged and intense eye contact. 

If he’s constantly staring into your eyes, it’s a pretty clear sign that he’s thinking about more than just your conversation.

This is because Taurus men are known for their confidence and they express it through their gaze. 

When they are attracted to you, they want to make sure that you know it and connecting with you through his gaze is the perfect way to engage you sexually too. 

#2: He’s all about the touchy-feely. 

Taurus men are known for being very tactile and affectionate, so if he’s constantly reaching out to touch you, whether it’s a gentle hand on your arm or a lingering hug, it’s one of the signs he’s attracted to you.

Taurus men enjoy being close to the person they are attracted to, so if he is sexually attracted to you, he will want to be in physical contact as much as possible. 

You’ll notice a light touch on your arm or hand, a lingering hug, or even a playful pat on the back from your Taurus guy.

This behavior is not only a sign of attraction but also a sign of his possessiveness and desire to be close to the person he likes! 

He wants to be able to physically connect with you and feel your presence – but he also wants to see you only giving that presence to him, not to other men!

#3: Almost everywhere you look…he’s somehow there too. 

Next up in the signs a Taurus man is sexually attracted to you is that he often somehow “bumps” into you and shows up in places you don’t expect him to.

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Taurus men are possessive, so if he’s always hanging around you, popping up in places you frequent and making sure he’s near you, it’s a sure sign that he’s interested in you (and probably not just as a friend!) 

Whether it’s sitting next to you at a meeting or walking you to your car, he wants to make sure you know he’s there.

If a Taurus man wants you sexually, he’s going to want to have you to himself, which is why he likes to make sure he’s not out of your sight!

#4: He’s drawn to your femininity and compliments you all the time

Taurus men are known for being romantic, so if he’s constantly showering you with compliments and telling you how beautiful, cute, precious or delicate you are, it’s one of the positive indications that he’s into you.

Remember that Taurus men embody the power and brawn of the bull, which means they are extra masculine.

This masculinity has a deep respect for a soft, feminine and alluring woman. So let your natural femininity shine!

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#5: He’s jealous of other men who get too close to you. 

One of the top signs a Taurus man is sexually attracted to you is that he is prone to jealousy when it comes to you…

Taurus men are possessive, so if he gets jealous or angry when you talk to other men, it’s a sign that he’s into you sexually.

He won’t be interested in seeing you give other men lots of attention, and nor will he want to see them trying to get your attention!

Try not to make him even more jealous, as this may cause him to lose trust in you.

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#6: He’s ready to take things to the next level – physically. 

If a Taurus man is giving you a lot of signals that he is ready to be with you sexually, that’s one of the clearest signs a Taurus man is sexually attracted to you!

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Look for the following behavior to see if he’s ready to take things to the next level:

  • He is all eyes on you and doesn’t spare a moment to look at another woman
  • His body is constantly turning towards yours 
  • You’ll find him putting himself in your personal space as a way to try to command your attention and take it to the next level sexually
  • He will touch you in ways that friends to not (like playing with your hair or letting hugs linger – as a Taurus man will do when he’s into you)

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#7: He lets you touch him 

Taurus men are known for their deep sensuality and they love to touch you to express their appreciation and desire for you and your body.

So if he welcomes your affection and touches, that’s him enjoying your closeness and welcoming you into his physical space.

If a Taurus man isn’t interested in you sexually, he won’t let you touch him and will likely turn away from your attempts to get close. 

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#8: He takes your chats to sexyland…

Yes, a Taurus man won’t pass up the opportunity to slip some sexual connotations into his jokes, texts or general chatter with you.

This is his way of easing his desire for you into your awareness, but it’s also a way of trying to raise your desire for him.

He won’t want to pass up the opportunity to get himself into your naughty thoughts so that you guys can take things to the next level!

You also have to be careful with this and don’t let yourself get too carried away with a Taurus man’s attempts to make things sexual, because even though it makes you feel special, not every Taurus man is going to stick around after bedding you.

Yes, despite the fact that Taurus men enjoy the comfort of a committed relationship, they’re still masculine men who like sex and they won’t pass up a sexual opportunity with a woman they find super attractive.

So make sure you test his intentions to see whether they’re purely sexual or whether he is truly there to build an emotional connection with you.

(Also note that Taurus men will definitely test you in their own specific ways!). 

The best way to test a taurus man’s intent is to engage in some spontaneous and playful banter with him. 

See if he’s willing to connect with you through banter, because a guy who isn’t interested in connecting with you emotionally will not put the effort into bantering with you.

Bantering with him will also allow you to figure out if he’s willing to respond and attune to you (and not just run straight to the bedroom with you, only for you to never see him again after the act.)

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#9: He tries to make you feel comfortable and relaxed

A Taurus man will go to great lengths to make you feel relaxed, happy and at ease if he’s interested in you sexually.


Because he knows that this will open you up sexually.

So expect to see him doing the following:

  • Being humorous or cracking jokes to help you relax
  • Using light touches to reassure you
  • Helping you if he sees you worried or anxious
  • Giving you little bits of advice to help you with small tasks
  • Offering to pay for your drink or bring you a coffee

#10: He puffs his chest out and stands tall

The last of the signs a Taurus man is sexually attracted to you lies in his body language: he likes to puff his chest out and stand extra tall when he’s near you.

Since Taurus men are hardened bulls, he will want to exert his dominance when he is around you.

This achieves two aims:

  1. Making sure that other men don’t try to make moves on you; and
  2. Putting himself and his masculine energy in your space

Of course, being a feminine woman yourself, you probably find these moves endearing or even a turn on.

If so, your Taurus guy is achieving his aim well!

Make sure you relax into your feminine energy around a Taurus man, because this helps to increase the polarity and heighten the sexual energy between you both.

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Things To Note About A Taurus Man’s Sexual Attraction

If your Taurus man is showing some or all of these signs, it’s safe to say that he’s sexually attracted to you. 

Keep in mind that Taurus men are known for being confident, romantic and protective, so they make great long term partners as well as being great in the bedroom.

One warning though: be sure that your Taurus man’s interest is not purely sexual, as if you assume any of these signs means he’s falling in love, you might be disappointed.

Although Taurus men are extremely romantic and enjoy being in committed loyal relationships, they are still capable of separating sex from love and won’t hesitate to do so if they see you purely as a sexual interest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you tell if a Taurus man is obsessed with you?

#1: He wants to be around you all the time

A Taurus man who is obsessed with you will want to spend as much time with you as possible. 

He may make plans to see you every day, or he may want to always be in close proximity to you.

He won’t like it if you’re too far away from him for too long!

#2: He is overly possessive

If a Taurus man is obsessed with you, he may become overly possessive and jealous. 

He may not want you to spend time with other people (especially other men), or he may even get angry if you talk to other men.

#3: He is always thinking about you

How do you tell if a Taurus man is obsessed with you? 

He thinks about you constantly. If you’re always on his mind 24/7, that’s a sign you’re taking over his mind!

More signs he’s always thinking about you include: texting or calling you multiple times a day, or bringing you up in conversations with other people even when you’re not present.

#4: He makes grand gestures

Taurus man known for being romantic, so if a Taurus man is obsessed with you, he may go out of his way to make grand romantic gestures in order to grab your attention.

Grand gestures include:

  • Surprising you with gifts
  • Planning romantic getaways
  • Cooking a lavish meal for you
  • Writing poems, songs or love notes for you;
  • Making public declarations of love: A Taurus man who is obsessed with you may make grand gestures in public such as writing your name in the sky, renting a billboard to make a romantic statement, or even planning a public proposal

#5: He tries to control your life

How do you tell if a Taurus man is obsessed with you? He gets super controlling.

A Taurus man who is obsessed with you may try to control different aspects of your life. He may want to know where you are all the time, what you’re doing, and who you’re with.

Be aware that Taurus men may display some of these behaviors when they are truly interested and attracted to someone, but being obsessed is a different level of interest. 

Obsession can be negative for a healthy relationship so it’s important to be sure that the obsession of you is not just about fulfilling his own needs.

Although his obsession makes you feel desired, you also have to be sure that he can emotionally commit and take care of you.

How can you be sure? The best way is to take our free quiz to determine exactly how commitment friendly your Taurus man is: 

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What signs are male Taurus attracted to?

Taurus men are attracted to fellow earth signs, such as Virgo and Capricorn. 

They value stability and practicality, and they find these signs to be reliable and grounded, just like themselves. 

They appreciate the hardworking and resourceful nature of these signs and find them to be a great match.

Taurus men are also attracted to water signs such as Cancer and Scorpio. 

They find the emotional depth and intuition of these signs to be fascinating and captivating. 

They appreciate the nurturing and sensitive nature of these signs and find them to be a great match.

Additionally, Taurus men are drawn to women who are independent and self-assured, like the fire signs Aries and Leo. 

They find the energy and confidence of these signs to be very attractive and alluring. They appreciate the strong will and determination of these signs and find them to be a great match.

Lastly, Taurus men are attracted to the air signs Gemini and Libra, they find their intelligence, wit, and charm to be captivating. 

They appreciate the social nature and balanced approach of these signs and find them to be a great match.

In short, Taurus men are attracted to a variety of signs, but they tend to be drawn to fellow earth signs, water signs, fire signs and air signs. 

They appreciate the balance of stability, passion, and excitement that these signs bring to a relationship. 

Signs a Taurus man is playing you?

#1: Inconsistent communication

A Taurus man who is playing you may not respond to your messages or calls in a timely manner (like within 12-24 hours), or he may cancel plans at the last minute.

#2: He is not serious about you

There’s a difference between interested and serious.

If a Taurus man is playing you, he may not be serious about the relationship, and it will be obvious through his behavior.

Examples include not wanting to make plans for the future or discuss the status of the relationship and not connecting with your feelings.

#3: He is vague about his feelings

A Taurus man who is playing you may not express his emotions clearly or try to reassure you of his feelings towards you.

#4: He is not attentive to you

If you notice that his eyes wander to other women or that when you’re together he loses attention quickly, that may mean he’s playing you.

#5: He doesn’t care about what you care about

A Taurus man who is playing you may not be supportive of your goals. He will not be interested in your life, your career or your future plans.

Most importantly, he will not care about the people you care about, because he doesn’t want to invest in you.

Also be aware that Taurus men can be shy and reserved, which can sometimes make it difficult to read their intentions. 

However, if you notice a consistent pattern of these behaviors, it’s one of the sure signs a Taurus man is playing you.

What seduces a Taurus man?

A Taurus man is seduced by a woman who is: 

  • Self-assured
  • Is an intrinsically high value woman 
  • Exudes sensuality
  • Is the perfect mix of traditional whilst still being exciting  
  • Takes care of herself 
  • Dresses nicely
  • Smells amazing; and 
  • Can whip up a delicious meal

Want to know the most important factor that seduces a Taurus man in a long term relationship?

He is drawn to a woman who has that special touch of feminine vulnerability that inspires him to feel comfortable being intimate and vulnerable with her. 

It’s not easy making a Taurus man feel so secure in a relationship that he opens up to you too, as he tends to present with that steadfast, dependable and capable posture of the bull. 

But if you want to know the real secret to inspiring him into deep intimacy and become emotionally committed to you, it’s your ability to embody what is called “high value vulnerability”. You can learn how to embody high value vulnerability by clicking here. 

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