15 Secretive Signs A Male Coworker Likes You But Is Hiding It

Are you sensing the new dude in the company has the hots for you, but you aren’t 100% sure?

If you notice that he’s paying you a lot more attention than usual, it may be because he has a crush on you (but doesn’t want you or everyone else to know.)

See if you can decipher these secretive signs a male coworker likes you but is hiding it:

#1. He Compliments Your Ugly Christmas Sweater…A Lot

Here’s the thing, he has the hots for you but for some reason he doesn’t want you to know, so if he is non-stop complimenting all your outfits, that would be too obvious, right?

Instead, he would prefer to give you ego boosts when you are feeling unattractive from being forced by your mom to wear that hideous family Christmas sweater.

He’ll tell you that you rock that ugly sweater like nobody else can, but what he’s really trying to say is that you’re Miss Universe no matter what you wear.

That is definitely one of the secretive signs a male coworker likes you but is hiding it.

#2. He Often Buys You Coffee With Those Cute Little Drawings On the Top

In a stressful, fast-paced world, we all need caffeine to prevent looking like the walking dead in the office.

Buying coworkers coffee and bagels is the norm these days, it’s not a huge deal if you receive coffee from a male colleague, you probably wouldn’t overthink it anyway.

However my dear, if you look closer, there might be something different about the latte he brings you.

Instead of getting you a Starbucks latte with those buy 1 get 1 free coupons, he goes the extra mile to a fancier café to fetch you coffee with cute little drawings on it.

You may not overreact, but you may tell him “wow that’s so dang cute!!!”, and smile subtly.

However you react, that’s certainly his way of secretly telling you he likes seeing a smile on your face.

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#3. He Constantly Buys Stuff That You Need in the Office

In our evolutionary history, men have always been providers by nature, even towards people that aren’t their family.

Maybe you’ve been complaining about pens always disappearing, or maybe you accidentally broke your mug from college, but he has you covered!

If you see him putting office supplies on your desk while emphasizing that it “wasn’t a big deal” because he was at Costco anyway, it’s his way of being there for you in the office.

And it’s one of the less subtle signs a male coworker likes you but is hiding it.

#4. He Gives You A Hand Around The Office, Like All The Time

Men like being heroes, period. Especially to the women they admire.

The hero instinct is the natural biological urge that drives men to impress their women.

You will notice that whenever you’re around, he’ll offer to carry your boxes or help you transport stuff up and down the stairs.

But of course, he’s only doing it when you’re present, he’s not going to wait by your front door every morning to give you a lift because that’s way too bold and creepy.

#5. He Gets Nervous Whenever He’s Talking To You

When it comes to dating and relationships, men can also be insecure and vulnerable.

Do you see him sweating like a pig while talking to you? 

Is he stammering? Is he awkwardly telling you cringey dad jokes?

Those could be signs a male coworker likes you but is hiding it, because he lacks confidence.

But that doesn’t mean he can’t be a good man for you to have around! Even if he is insecure, if he loves you and is the kind of guy who is willing to commit, he could be great for you!

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#6. Somehow You Two Always End Up On The Same Team

Maybe he isn’t ready to confess his feelings to you or ask you out, but if he fancies you, for sure he’s trying to spend time with you, especially if “quality time” is his love language.

Somehow you guys are on the same project management team, again.

Or you drew the lots and ended up on the volleyball team he’s leading during the company field trip.

Or he asked to move his desk next to yours because his original cubicle had termites.

He probably also pulled some strings with the bosses to make sure you guys are always on the same work team.

That’s a definite secretive sign a male coworker likes you but is hiding it.

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#7. He Asks You Out For Casual Lunch Alone And Always Pays For Your Meals

If he likes you, he will want to date you, but he’s not ready yet because something is holding him back.

Instead of an official date to a candlelight dinner, he will casually ask you if you want to grab a bite at the local Mexican restaurant with awesome burritos.

Or if you’re interested in trying that new food truck with the delicious corn dogs.

Afterward, he will get the bill like it’s no big deal. Well, that’s his provider instinct kicking in again.

#8. He Never Wants The Mealtime With You To End

Let’s say lunchtime is only 1 hour, no more no less.

Since he likes you, be sure he’s going to be using up every single millisecond, because lunchtime is the only private moment he has with you.

He’ll talk to you as if time has frozen.

He’ll stare at you as if nobody else exists.

Then be sure, he’ll walk back to the office with you with sunshine and rainbows all over his face.

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#9. He Asks You What You Do On Weekends

If he has a crush on you he’s going to want to ask you out eventually.

But he wants to know if you’re taken, he wants to know your hobbies, he wants to know how you spend the weekends, he wants to make sure he’s not coming on too strong.

By asking you what you do on weekends, it’s his way of logically assessing if it’s the right time to ask you out.

If you like him as well, it’s the perfect time to tell him “I’m not doing anything special this weekend! What about you?”

Showing him a subtle green light to move forward can give him the confidence to take the next step.

On that note, here are 14 Guaranteed Early Dating Signs He Likes You.

#10. He Jokes About You Getting Too Close With Brian.

According to scientific research, men can be more jealous than women if he suspects that you’re shacking up with another man.

The problem is, men have egos, so they tend to not show their insecurities. 

But trust me, he’s dying inside when he sees you getting close with Brian or other male coworkers, to the point that he can only joke about it.

“So um, you and Joe are a thing now huh lol”

“What’s the rush? You’re meeting Rafael again, yeah?”

Joking about the situation is his way of expressing how unhappy he is to see you with other dudes, without having to confess his true emotions for you.

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#11. He Talks Crap About The Dudes You Have Been Going Out With.

As mentioned above, men can be jealous and envious creatures just as much as women are.

When you’re fresh out of college and just started working, it’s perfectly normal to explore potential partners by dating different people.

Of course, just because you had coffee with John, or went to the baseball game with David, doesn’t mean there’s anything serious going on.

But that’s not what he thinks. 

You might hear him criticizing the dudes you’ve been seeing, not only because he’s jealous, but also because he’s looking out for you.

He sees himself as your guardian protector and doesn’t want you to get hurt by guys in the company with bad reputations.  

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#12. You Caught Him Drooling Over You

Ok, drooling might be an exaggeration as you’re probably picturing an image of him with a puddle on his desk.

However, it is scientifically proven that men’s saliva undergoes significant changes when they’re talking to someone they find attractive.

Since he’s not supposed to show his true feelings for you, he can only let his physical reactions do the talking.

Don’t feel creeped out if you saw him drooling, you are beautiful and deserve to be noticed and looked at by a high-value man that knows your worth.

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#13. He’s Always There For You But Never Officially Takes You Out On A Date

(Insert the song “I’ll be there for you” by the Rembrandts here)

Do you need IT help with your computer? He’s there.

Need help carrying the dirty boxes? He’s there.

Need help catching the mice that were infesting your desk because you forgot to finish your cookies? He’s there.

He’s always there to protect you, but he never asks you out formally because he’s unsure of his feelings, for now.

Or he’s also observing your reactions since men respond better to a woman that receives their actions with authentic responses. 

In the case that your feelings are reciprocated, just ask him for more help!

(It’s a good test to reveal his true feelings for you.) 

#14. He Tells You What A Beauty Queen You Are Subtly

Although he doesn’t want to make it obvious that he’s crazy about you, from time to time he’ll still compliment your looks, as women tend to enjoy compliments about appearances.

But since he’s hiding his true feelings, he’ll want to make it subtle.

Instead of saying “You should run for the beauty pageant”, he will say ”your skin is glowing today”.

Instead of saying “You’re the most beautiful woman on earth”, he will say “whoever marries you is lucky”.

#15. He Touches You “Accidentally”

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to prove that a guy who touches you is likely attracted to you.

He will gently touch your shoulder for a few seconds when talking to you.

He will wipe mustard off your mouth with a napkin during lunchtime and say ”sorry, but I had to”.

He will give you a friendly hug every single time he sees you. 

Of course, while in some cultures hugging is normal, you’ll notice that his hugging frequency and intensity is somewhat stronger.

The truth is he wants more physical touch with you, but he doesn’t want to scare you off, therefore he can only find certain opportunities to do it without coming across as a perv.

This is one of the most secretive signs a male coworker likes you but is hiding it

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Tell If A Male Coworker Likes Me Or Is Just Being Friendly?

Observe how he treats other girls. Is he also buying Shirley lunch or wiping ketchup off of Amanda’s mouth?

If he’s treating you the way he treats other female coworkers then it indicates that he’s just a naturally friendly guy.

On the contrary, if you’re the only one in the office who gets special favors from him, then it’s a dead giveaway he likes you.

If other coworkers are noticing his feelings for you, they will likely also tell you.

#2. Why is the male coworker trying to hide his feelings for me?

As I mentioned above, men are just as insecure as women when it

comes to dating.

But in the modern world of swipes and fast dating, statistically, women have the upper hand. 

An average-looking woman will get multiple likes daily and matches on a dating app, while a plain John will get a couple of likes in just one month.

Most men just want a feminine, caring partner, while women tend to be pickier.

On that note, would you like to discover how naturally feminine you are? Being more feminine means you’ll attract more high value, masculine guys!

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Back to the reasons why your coworker is hiding his feelings for you.

It is likely because men know how competitive it is out there. There are plenty of men, and everywhere you look there’s a guy who’s taller, richer, more athletic, more successful, etc.

The ugly truth is women care (a lot) about a guys’ looks, height, net income, career…etc. 

Therefore it makes it super difficult for a guy to stand out in the dating game as a man, hence the insecurities.

#3. How Do You Deal With A Male Coworker Who Likes You?

First of all, ask yourself how you feel about him, and answer honestly.

If you also have feelings for him or you’d like to get the chance to know him better, be open to receiving his favors, and you will most likely trigger his provider and hero instincts.

Ask him what he’s doing on weekends, and ask him about his hobbies, as that will encourage him to formally ask you out.

In the case that you don’t reciprocate his feelings for you, hint that you are already in a relationship or casually talk about how you don’t date co-workers.

But don’t burn the bridges either, keep him around as a friend unless you’re already committed to someone else. 

You never know if the universe will romantically reunite the two of you!

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