17 Crystal Clear Signs He Likes You But Is Hiding It

Aah, love is in the air!

But wait – is it reciprocal or just a one-sided crush?

Don’t you just hate the quandary when your crush does not give out clear signals? It becomes more annoying when there are signs he likes you but is hiding it.

While in certain instances, he shows extreme affection; but other times, he stays aloof and becomes too private. And this dilemma is just not healthy for your brain or your heart.

The confusing signals might just push to the extremity where you end up doing something utterly stupid! Moreover, you would never move forward if you are unable to comprehend whether he likes you back or not.

There could be a number of reasons that might be stopping him from expressing his love for you openly. Or maybe, he is just a nice, gentle person who is extra-caring and doesn’t want to over-step your comfort zone.

Regardless, it doesn’t matter what it is because you need to find out whether the feeling is mutual, Right?

Men might see themselves as strong, but they are not good at hiding their feelings. There are certain tell-tale signs that clearly mean he likes you (secretly), but is hiding it in plain sight.

Here is how to tell if a guy likes you:

Sign #1: You See Him Blushing When You Touch Him

When you observe him secretly blushing after you touched him innocently, take it as one of the clear signs he likes you but is hiding it.

Men are wired to respond to a female touch in specific ways. You might have touched him in a friendly manner (like keeping a hand on his shoulder) and might not have given out any signs of flirting. But if your touch is enough to make him blush, he is clearly into you but hiding it.

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Sign #2: He Frequently Finds Reasons To Meet You Or Talk To You

Males are basically practical creatures who do not put in the effort to do something unless it’s important to them.

When he literally finds out stupid reasons just as an excuse to meet you or talk to you over the phone, you are definitely important to him.

Doing this once or twice might be a coincidence, but when it happens frequently, then it’s one of the definitive signs a guy likes you.

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Sign #3: His Eye Contact Is Intense And Expressive With You

Have you ever observed his eyes when he talks to you? Is the eye-contact the same with others, or is it just with you?

Is he expressive with his eyes when talking to you?

When his expressive eye contact seems different from others, take it as an indication that he cares for you and likes you.

Men make eye contact when they are trying to be honest with someone, and if it’s a special someone, they make sure to maintain deep and expressive eye contact.

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Sign #4: He Checks You Out But In A Sneaky Way

If he likes you, then he would surely check you out. And I mean, literally, check you out from head to toe!

However, if he likes you but is hiding it, he will make sure that you don’t find out about it.

You might have to find a sneaky way to know if he checks out your hips or curves when you move around. He surely likes you if he does that often but is just afraid of you finding out.

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Sign #5: No One Else Seems Important To Him When He Is With You

This is one of the biggest signs he likes you but is hiding it. When he avoids phone calls while you are with him or pays you extra attention even when jollying around in a group, discern that he has a soft spot for you.

Men tend to get drawn to the women they really like. It’s like a movie in their minds where they would just do anything to keep a hold of their memory with you.

What you say, how you say it, what you do, etc., creates a lasting impression on their mind. And this would only happen if he really really likes you.

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Sign #6: He Shows Off (& It’s Aimed At Impressing You)

Do you find him doing things or talking about things to keep you impressed? It can be anything from talking about achievements, doing interesting things, or taking up a hobby.

If you can construe the purpose of his actions, you might get closer to understanding if he really likes you.

While he might shy away from telling you directly that his show-offs are aimed only to impress you, there are other ways to determine if they really are!

Sign #7: He Gets Nervous In Your Presence

I am seriously not sure why this happens to men, but it’s kind of cute to see them in this misery.

If he gets nervous when you are present, he secretly likes you but is too afraid to tell you. Here are some signs he’s nervous in your presence:

  • Sudden stammering
  • Feeling shy
  • Smiling unnecessarily
  • Being unable to find words to speak, etc., 

These are all unquestionable indications that he really likes you a lot.

Your presence itself is enough to make him extra-conscious, and as a result, he gets too nervous.

Sign #8: He Discusses His Personal Life With You

He might be a good friend, but not everything personal is required to be shared! If he likes talking about his personal life like his family, his close friends, his past crushes, etc., it means he likes you more than a friend.

Something might be stopping him from showing it openly, but if he shares this personal stuff with you, you can safely take it as a sign that he likes you a lot.

Sign #9: He Is Over-Protective Of You And Gets Jealous Sometimes

When he goes above and beyond the friend-zoned protectiveness, it is a sign that he secretly likes you.

Being overprotective is a trait shown towards someone you deeply care about. Moreover, getting jealous is one of the clear indications that he has secretly fallen for you.

If he stands up for you or takes your side in order to keep you out of harm’s way, then it is one of the signs he likes you but is hiding it.

Sign #10: He Stalks You On Social Media

Ok, so this might seem creepy, but it’s actually just an innocent way he might use to know more about you.

You might be able to determine if he is keeping tabs on your social media accounts by bringing up something that you recently put up on your Instagram, and see if he already knew about it.

Sign #11: He Asks Personal Questions To Know More About You

One of the peculiar traits of men who are actually interested in you, is that they like to ask personal questions. And I mean a lot of personal questions!

It might go to the extent that it would start feeling a little annoying to someone who does not have reciprocal feelings. 

But if you like him too, you would just go with the flow and keep answering patiently. It is a sign that you both enjoy each other’s company!

Sign #12: He Cannot Lie Or Hide Things From You

What I personally experienced was the fact that if he is really into you, he will find it difficult to lie or hide things from you.

It is as if it is a compulsion from his side to be open to you about anything. In my case, it goes to the extent that he would tell the truth even it does more harm than good to him.

Sign #13: His Gifts Are Inexpensive But Very Meaningful And Emotional

Guys who find you attractive and like you would put in real efforts to buy gifts for you. If his gifts are meaningful and have some emotional value to him, that means he cares for you.

Men do not put in unnecessary effort in buying gifts unless they want to impress you and are looking for something meaningful.

Sign #14: He Is Always There For You

Whether it’s a 3 am emergency, or you need someone to chat with casually, if this guy has been there for you through thick and thin, then there is hardly anything left to judge.

Being there for you always is a clear sign that he likes you and maybe never found the courage to tell you upfront.

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Sign #15: He Cannot Say No To You (Even When He Should)

If you observe that this guy sometimes literally makes a fool of himself by saying ‘Yes’ to every request you make, then he is a keeper. 

Keeping you happy and being close to you is important to him, and this is what he expects to give to you by agreeing to anything you need.

Sign #16: He Always Ignores the Hot Girl Passing by

Check out how he behaves when another hot girl passes by when he is with you. 

He likes you secretly if you have his undivided attention, even in such scenarios. This type of behavior shows that your presence is all that matters to him.

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Sign #17: He Does Stupid Things To Make You Smile

Lastly, if your man does anything and everything to make you smile, it is one of the crystal-clear signs he likes you but is hiding it.

Some people are naturally funny, but some try to be funny in front of their special ones just to see the happiness on their faces.

If your guy doesn’t mind making a fool out of himself just to bring a smile to your face, he secretly adores you and likes you a lot.

Final Take-Away On How To Tell If A Guy Likes You

Almost every woman goes through the phase where she wonders if her crush likes her back or not. 

If you perused this article with great attention, you would have conduced by now that men are not that difficult to read. 
If you notice signs that he likes you but is hiding it, don’t stop yourself from making a move. A meaningful relationship is just one step away now! And here are 3 High Value Ways To Tell Him You Like Him.

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