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Freedom from Same-Sex Attractions & Homosexuality Articles & Resources

This ministry will be the result of a seed of "Truth" that set me free!

- Fomer Hope for Wholeness Leader

A Former Leader of Truth

The short time I spent with Truth Ministries (now Hope for Wholeness) as a counselor opened the door to further the healing process in my life. Truth led me to talk to my parents and others that I would have never spoken to about my past. Doing so broke all

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Phone Counseling of a Marriage in Crisis

I wanted to drop you a short note to say a big “Thank You!” for yesterday. I appreciate the care you have shown for our marriage and well being. You have gone way beyond being just a our counselor and have become a friend to us as well. I am thankful

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Thank God for Hope for Wholeness and what it has offered me

- A Man Helped by Hope for Wholeness

I thought there was NO hope!

After today’s visit with Hope for Wholeness, let me say this: I had thought that there was no hope out there. Making a long story short, I’ve had many struggles with suicide attempts in my mind. I always thought that no one would understand me and my problem. I thank God

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Doubts of Salvation and the Struggle of the Flesh

Before I got saved, there was initially a strong struggle of right versus wrong, but this later diminished. I was left wondering if I was going in the right direction. Later, feelings of being used, and eventually the void in my heart, led me to leave homosexuality and come to

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Equipping the Church

Recently, my son and I took a trip to Georgia to display Hope for Wholeness and Hope For Wholeness at a Baptist youth conference.  I wrote a blog about this experience and have posted a portion of it in this newsletter.  I would encourage you to follow my blog and

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We Care about You and about Families

A Conference and Banquet for those needing encouragement & more information Almost every single day, we get calls, emails, and Facebook messages from hurting parents.  When we set up our display at events, I almost always have the chance to speak with a parent, family member, or loved one who is

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Are we to continue to struggle with Same-Sex Attractions?

I will not attempt to get into the current battle on theology that surrounds Exodus and Alan Chambers.  I do not believe you can lose your salvation, but honestly, there are many scriptures that cause me to draw short of proclaiming absolute confidence to any unrepentant person.  I do not understand

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Alan Chamber’s addresses recent controversy surrounding Exodus

June 27th, 2012; 2012 Exodus Freedom Conference opening night, Minneapolis MN; Northwestern College. Conference title —’Made For More.’  There were over 600 in attendance from all over the world. There are a lot of things that are written and said about Exodus on a regular basis.  And if you’ve been following along

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