Walk a Mile in My Shoes

Debora Barr WS2



Product Description

Walk a Mile in My Shoes – CD

For: Family and Friends

Presenter: Debora Barr

Understand what causes a person to experience same-sex attraction and how it feels to be caught up in a life of homosexuality.  Understanding is the first step in providing unconditional love.

Debora Barr – Debora was a self-proclaimed atheist, fully entrenched in her lesbian life and gay community when God began to work on her heart in late 1994. Nine years later she surrendered her life to Jesus Christ. Through His Word – God revealed the truth about how He wanted her to live, and in December 2005, she turned away from 18 years of living as a lesbian. Debora has a passion for teaching, speaking, and writing about SSA to better equip churches to make those who experience SSA feel welcome, so they too can experience the unconditional love and healing of Jesus Christ. She Loves the Lord with all her heart and desires to help people find Jesus and completely transform their lives.


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