Spiritual Slavery to Spiritual Sonship

Rita Smith



Product Description

Spiritual Slavery to Spiritual Sonship – CD

Presenter: Rita Smith

This workshop will explore taking a person from doubting God’s love to knowing God as Father. There are many insecurities in our lives demonstrating an orphan-spirit. Learn to come to the realization of the Father’s love for us and to know our purpose in life, and to receive His love, and give it away.

Rita Smith – Rita has been with Truth Ministry, now Hope for Wholeness Local Ministry, since 2009. She has served as a small group leader, utilizing the Hope for Wholeness curriculum and other materials, based out of her home church, Evangel Cathedral.  She currently serves as Hope for Wholeness Prayer Coordinator. She has family members and friends that she’s walked with through the issue of homosexuality.  She shares, “Any time you desire to line up your life with God’s word and battle the flesh there is struggle.” Her desire is to be of support and help to those who desire to know God as Father.


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