Sharing your testimony

Miranda Pettit WS



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Sharing your testimony – CD

Presenter: Miranda Pettit & David Soesbee

Many people don’t know when or how to share their testimony for fear of people, not knowing exactly what to say, or fear of public speaking in general. This workshop will help your confidence in those areas, while giving you some tools to know how best to share with individuals or groups. Whether one-on-one, or in a group or public setting, learn how to share your testimony powerfully and effectively.

Miranda Pettit – Miranda is the Women’s Leader for Hope for Wholeness’ Local Ministry, in Spartanburg SC.  Miranda left the gay lifestyle in 2004.  Today, her use of and understanding of God’s word is profound and comforting. Many women have been drawn to her story. She has shared her story effectively in Christian and secular settings, teaches regularly with Hope for Wholeness, and counsels women of all ages and their families.

Evangelist David Soesbee – David is a speaker, author, and founder of What Jesus Did ministry. He graduated from Fruitland Bible College and received a Master’s Degree from Carolina University of Theology. David served as a chaplain to the NASCAR community for 12 years. He’s spent many months traveling as road pastor with mainstream and Christian bands. Since 1996 he has ministered at every Summer Olympics to athletes and families. He’s preached the gospel in 51 countries, and evangelizes in some of the wackiest ways possible. He never waivers in taking the opportunity to tell others about Jesus. He and his wife, Kim live in the Dallas, Texas area with their three children.


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