Perseverance: A Sign of Maturity

Jeanette Howard General Session



Product Description

Perseverance: A Sign of Maturity  – CD

Presenter: Jeanette Howard

We are seeing a growing trend towards watered down discipleship as so many Christians are beginning to settle for a make-me-feel-good, it’s-my-right, kind of faith. Those of us addressing issues around broken sexuality cannot afford such ‘luxury’. Transformed lives challenge the lives of other believers. How do we persevere in our commitment to obedience, how do we encourage others as they journey with us, and how can our ongoing testimony pioneer a fresh move of God’s Holy Spirit?

Jeanette Howard – Jeanette was one of the founding leaders within the Exodus movement.  She’s the author of Out of Egypt and Into The Promised Land: Beyond The Lesbian Struggle.  She lives on England’s southern coast, where she counsels and teaches those seeking to leave homosexuality behind.


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