First Steps Out

First Steps Out



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First Steps Out

How Christians Can Respond to a Loved One’s Struggle with Homosexuality

By Christy McFerrin

After walking together through her twenty-three year journey to overcome homosexuality, Christy McFerren and her parents, Mike and Sharon Honea, are speaking up to offer hope to families in a sometimes painful and seemingly hopeless place. Sharing the stories, pain, joy, and wisdom gained from their personal and family struggles, they hope to become a resource for families that wasn’t available to them during their journey. More than a guide for families, however, their story is also offered to the Church at large as a starting place for learning how to open their doors and their arms to people who struggle with homosexuality, same-sex attraction, and related issues. Christy and her parents share a vision for a Church who can offer hope and truth, maintaining a firm foundation of traditional biblical interpretation while employing grace and wisdom in revolutionary ways – the very ways that empowered her freedom. Christy’s message to those who face same-sex attraction is, “It’s OK to Fight.” Her message to the Church is, “Let’s have strong enough faith in God’s divine grace that we can give people permission to be in process.”

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