Born Artistic, Sensitive and Creative, Not Gay

Matthew Aaron WS



Product Description

Born Artistic, Sensitive and Creative, Not Gay – CD

For: Men

Presenter: Matthew Walker

Learn about the roots and causative factors behind the development of homosexuality in men as Matthew shares his personal experience as well as the stories of others he has encountered in his 13 years in ministry to men with SSA.

Matthew Aaron – Matthew has been mentoring young people with various struggles for over 13 years. Matthew’s passion to see men and women set free from same sex attractions stems from his own lifetime struggle with the issue. In 1998 Matthew rededicated his life to Jesus Christ and walked away from 10 years as a gay man. His goal is to help people recover the life that was stolen from them at birth, with Jesus Christ as his guide. He currently resides in Orlando, Florida where he serves as the Director for Big Fish Ministry, a live in program for young men who desire to walk away from SSA.


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