Board Governance & Fundraising by Reid Lehman

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Board Governance & Fundraising by Reid Lehman

ReidReid is a trained facilitator in the John Carver Board Governance model. He will explain the importance of this type of model and problems that can arise when there is not this type of structure, issues like micromanaging and frustration between the ED and board. Also in this workshop, the fundraising portion of his talk will focus on the need for partnership relational development. This recording, and accompanying slide sheets, is a must have for any non-profit ministry leader/director and their board members. We strongly encourage any ministry leader to get a copy for each of your board members.

Reid Lehman is the executive director of Miracle Hill Ministries since 1985. He holds an undergraduate degree from Bob Jones University, an MBA from Winthrop University, and an honorary doctorate from Clearwater Christian College. In the fall of 2005, he published God Wears His Own Watch, an autobiographical account of God at work in Miracle Hill Ministries.

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