Balancing Grace & Truth by Mary Heathman; Carol Bachtel Testimony




Balancing Grace & Truth by Mary Heathman + Testimony

Mary shares her insight on the absolute need for balancing grace AND truth, not all grace, not all truth.  Carol Bachtel shares her story.

Mary Heathman is the founder and director of Where Grace Abounds in Denver, Colorado. ” Mary is a recorded minister with the Rocky Mountain Yearly Meeting of Friends and an active member of First Denver Friends Church. Her educational background includes an MA in psychology from Regis University and independent study in the integration of psychology and theology, interpersonal relationship, and emotional development as it applies to gender and sexuality.” Mary’s background of heterosexual sin and confusion brought her to Christ at age twenty-seven. Mary experienced God’s direct intervention in her sexual and emotional life; in her very identity as a woman. Up till that time, her self-worth and identity had been wrapped up in her ability to attract a man’s sexual interest. She experienced a profound transformation of her sexual feelings and attractions—the Lord taught her how to love her brothers as He intended.

Carol Bachtel has been a friend of Truth Ministry for over 13 years. With a 12 year background coming out of a homosexuality in 1990, Carol found the church to be a healing place, but still wanted to find community of others dealing with some of the same struggles.  She met Interim Directorat a small Exodus member ministry in the early 1990s. Some years later McKrae started Truth Ministry and invited Carol to join him to oversee the women’s ministry where she served in that role for several years.  More recently, Carol serves Truth Ministry as the Chair of the Board of Directors.  Carol lives in Greenville, SC and is married to her husband, Bruce of 15 years.


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