An Ounce of Prevention

An Ounce of Prevention

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An Ounce of Prevention

By Don Schmierer

This readable, engaging book is written by a counselor with forty years of experience in youth ministry. Throughout the text, the author has introjected narratives from people he has known and counseled, which brings the book alive and illustrates its concepts. His book reflects much practical intuition, life experience, and spiritual maturity which is combined with an impressive array of useful data and clinical observations from the literature. Any Christian family looking for guidance and understanding on homosexuality will find this book very helpful. The book’s primary purpose is to discuss possibilities for prevention–particularly, through healthy family and peer relationships, and early recognition of warning signs, particularly same-sex feelings of inferiority and isolation. However, a broad array of other topics are also covered. Mr. Schmierer reflects on ways to respond to homosexuals in the church in a compassionate, biblically orthodox way; on the difficulties and medical problems inherent in a gay lifestyle; on confronting school sex-education programs that encourage early sexual activity; on the “born that way” question; on the likely causes of homosexuality; and on the possibility of change in adulthood. Throughout, he conveys the wisdom of long life experience–much of it revealed through the lessons he has learned on his own spiritual and psychological journey.  (Review by Linda Nicolosi)

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