Please Pray for my estranged Gay son

Please pray for my adult son who came out to us a year ago after leaving for College. He told us through an email, “No personal contact.” He now refuses to speak to anyone in his family because he says he can not have a relationship with someone that sees his love for a man as a sin. He now claims he was born this way and it is not a choice. No matter how calm I am, or what words I said or tried to avoid saying… He will not talk to us unless we agree with him and accept him and his partner and lifestyle into our home. I told him I can still be in his life but he wants nothing to do with us now. He said I chose a book of words over him. I am heartbroken he has turned away from the teachings of God’s word that he once practiced and lived by. His Father and I are struggling with defeat of the enemy to cave just to keep him in our life, but we know that would be against everything we taught our other children. We have also learned, through social media, that he is engaged to his partner that we believe has swayed him against us. My son is a senior this year and 3 hours away from me… although I have not seen or talked to him in a year. He threatened to call the police on me the last time I tried to visit him. Please pray for the holy spirit to soften both of their hearts, convict them both, and restore them to wholeness. We are holding on tightly to our faith in God and resting securely on his promises.

Michelle S

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