My name is Martha, and I live in Laredo Texas.  Last week I made the decision, through God, to leave homosexuality.  I’ve been living as a lesbian for the past seven years.  I’ve been in two long term relationships, but each of them destroyed me. The most recent one lasted three years and really took control of my life.  This person was very manipulating and controlling to the point she controlled me in every possible way.  In the past she had broken up with me several  times, but recently there was something different.  Something was telling me that the relationship was not right.  I always knew that homosexuality was not okay with God but this time around I felt clear in my mind that this way of life was going to bring me destruction but also lead to eternal damnation.  I kept fighting because I really wanted to stay with my partner, but there was something in me that did not allow me to even be with her in bed.  All last week I felt lonely, desperate, depressed, and wanted to even seek psychiatric help.  I literally felt the spirit of death following me to the point that life was not the same. I was feeling guilting and God was surely speaking to me to get out of this lifestyle, as soon as possible, before it was too late.  In the beginning, I was thinking I was crazy.  I had no peace at all to the point that I had to take medication to sleep at night. I decided to leave my partner; that was the hardest thing that I’ve ever had to do because I still wanted to be with her, but I felt a constant state of conviction.  So, I ended the relationship.  God spoke with me and said that He wants to save her too. God said that in order for Him to work in her life that I must remove myself from her life.  I believe that everyone who is living the lifestyle deserves the mercy of Jesus Christ our Lord and He is the only one who can help us through this.  I am now seeking God more and more each day. I still have temptations and there are just some days that I want to call her back but then I remind myself that it will only get worse.  Please pray for me so that I won’t fall and keep strong in this battle.  May God bless you.



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