Cynthia Masters

Cynthia Masters squareWives' Ministry Leader

Hope for Wholeness has needed a Wives’ Ministry Leader for a number of years. Cynthia Masters is not only uniquely qualified, but she is called of God to fill this role.    Cynthia is a woman in a unique situation.  Her husband has given his blessing as her story and this new ministry publicly outs his own struggle and sexual          identity.  David came to Hope for Wholeness as a client seeking help, and like many chose another path.  David is still in a committed relationship with Cynthia and is seeking God for direction.  Cynthia believes God has a plan for her life and marriage, and for David specifically.  While trusting in God, she is not sitting around.

Cynthia is a woman on a mission from God!  She feels strongly called to help wives that are hurting.  She is a wife that was hurting and struggling with depression.  Though she remains in a full-time job, as a travel agent for over twenty four years, she is extremely active in her home church, Redemption World Outreach Center, Greenville, SC.  She is on staff at RWOC, and was licensed as a Minister on May 4, 2013 through the Redemption Ministerial Fellowship International.  Her desire is to bring Hope for Wholeness and Hope For Wholeness to Redemption and their international fellowship. So, while in her new role as our Wives Ministry Leader, she will also be open to helping anyone affected by homosexuality. Her desire is to have a support group for anyone struggling and affected by this issue.

For women who are married to a gay man, or to a man who is struggling with his sexual identity, we are here to help.  Cynthia is equipped and has the heart and calling to assist you and pray with you.   Perhaps your husband has been unfaithful with another man, is addicted to homosexual pornography, or is simply struggling with same-sex attractions.  If you don't know what to do, how to feel, or where to turn, we can now offer help from someone who understands firsthand.  It won't be easy, but it is much easier when you have help.  Don't hesitate to call on Cynthia for that help.

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