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Jacob, South Carolina—Before the conference, my heart was becoming like stone. I can only explain what happened for me at the conference like this: it’s like a hundred-piece puzzle that I can put together with my hands, but I can’t connect in my mind. It was all the Holy Spirit. Praise be TO God.

Jeanie, Virginia—My first HFW conference and what a joy! Seeing the openness to the Lord from both leaders and participants, the amazing worship, and, most of all, God’s presence with us in each session makes me want to return every year. There was a vulnerability and openness that I have seldom seen a conference sized group. God ministered to me especially in the area of forgiveness and releasing some wounds from my past. Amazingly, upon arriving home I already see results that can’t be explained by anything natural! All I can say is praise to the Lord and many thanks to all who contributed!

Cordy, Florida—It was wonderful to see old friends again and meet new ones. The workshops and testimonies were outstanding. The Holy Spirit moved in amazing ways. I was so blessed to be part of it.

Miranda worship

Paul, Indiana—I came to HFW this year worn out and feeling crushed. While there, I formed many wonderful relationships that I want to guard and hold close. I was so humbled by the many that expressed encouragement to me, of my transparency and my story of leaving my life as a transgendered female of 14 years. They affirmed me as “a courageous man,” as I continue to rely on God to transform and show me the way of the cross, to know I am a man of God! I am so thankful for Jesus, Carla Harshman and Hope for Wholeness! Plus All my new brothers and sisters in Christ! Plus I have been told the last 4 years after surrendering and coming to Jesus, that I have a calling on my life and God’s going to use me in a mighty way! I finally except and hunger for that and hope to start a support group in my church that will the beginning! Pray for me that I listen to Holy Spirit and I keep on the road of Jesus and relationship of Love for all! That’s how you lead others to Jesus!!! I give all Glory to my Heavenly Father, King and Master.

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Mark, Ohio—I have really enjoyed this conference and feel so much closer to God than when it started. I wasn’t going to come. I was doing terribly spiritually and with my SSA struggles, I wondered if it made sense to come when I had given up on God and was doing my own thing, letting discouragement and depression cause me to live in defeat. But I came, thanks to my best friend, and actually got the resolve to toss some things I needed to get rid of. God started speaking to me and drawing me to Him from the first session. At my church, we sing hymns and the music is a lot quieter, so I don’t get into the worship music much. I may not have looked like I was into the service, but God was dealing with me, speaking to me all the time. I have been encouraged a lot by the sessions and everyone else who has worked so hard to put this conference on. It made a difference in my life, and I am sure many others.

Bryan, Indiana—My wife and I attended our first HFW Conference and we don’t intend for it to be our last. My wife did not want to go but she was amazed by the acceptance and love that she felt from everyone at the conference. Last year, a couple of guys in our local HFW support group, Abba’s Delight, that I am a part of, shared that one of the things they liked the most about the conference was being able to take off the mask. I realized what they were talking about when I was at the conference.


Steven, North Carolina—I always enjoy the HFW conference, this time more than ever before God ministered directly to my heart.

Caleb, North Carolina—The conference was a BLAST! It was like a wonderful family reunion, a weekend hanging out with the guys, and a time of sweet encouragement, transparency, and fellowship. There’s a reason I go back every year! God reminded me that, even in the midst of great struggle, He has been good to me. His faithfulness resounded through every fabric of the conference.

Sonia, California—This is a truly unique and memorable conference. First, the physical setting in the Blue Ridge Mountains is so breathtaking that I enjoyed every minute of the drive from the airport. An ideal setting for connecting with new acquaintances and long-term friends, Ridgecrest offers innovative architecture and modern amenities, and feels more like a resort than a conference center. I enjoyed every interaction with the loving and responsive staff, and relaxing fellowship in multiple settings ranging from the balcony overlooking an expanse of beautiful scenery, patios with chairs near quiet streams of water, walkways bordered by trees lovely this time of year, and meeting rooms with pianos welcoming impromptu worship sessions. In addition to inspiring session speakers and testimonies mingled with splendid times of worship, events included informative workshops and informal breakout sessions to bring people together. After several wonderful days of connection and inspiration, I went home thoroughly refreshed with joy filling my heart.

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Larry, South Carolina—No detail was left unattended when it came to this year’s conference. Every moment was filled with an opportunity to grow spiritually, meet someone socially, or just enjoy the company of overcomers. Matthew Aaron did a splendid job with Men’s Breakout sessions…so supportive. The Friday social allowed us to be human with one another. Miranda and the musicians were superb…with the finale of the Christopherson’s. Last but not least, McKrae was as real and genuine as possible. He has an eye for excellence and detail. We came as individual’s but left as a community. We had church!

Duncan, Florida—I was encouraged to step out and do a workshop at this year’s conference, and I’m so glad I stepped outside my comfort zone and did it. I was also nervous about being on the prayer team. I just trusted God would direct my words and allowed Him to use me. I am still amazed at His marvelous works displayed in the lives of those who attended this year’s conference. I’m also blessed at the ministry opportunities that have followed and am excited to see what God will do at next year’s conference. Believe me, God will make a way for you to get there if you don’t think you can afford it. You don’t want to miss it!


Anthony, Pennsylvania—The Hope for Wholeness Conference was a gift from God and I’m really thankful God provided financially for this event. It was an amazing time of connecting with other believers who are on the same journey of coming out of homosexuality. Christ’s love was all over this conference, and we saw His love speak into every person at the conference! I have made many friends here! Also, I was thankful for the insightful workshops led by such compassionate leaders, many of whom came out of homosexuality themselves! It was a blessing to go and I will go again!

Tracy Palmer, South Carolina—This was mine and my husband, Stuart’s, first experience with Hope for Wholeness. It was eye opening to say the least! The people attending came from every walk of life with diverse stories, at various places in their healing process; both speakers and seekers. But ALL were at the same ‘level’ at the foot of the cross! The humility, transparency, and hunger for God were tangible and heart-melting. Although we wondered if we would been seen as outsiders, we were lovingly embraced as fellow siblings in Christ from the moment we stepped into the room.

God answered all His promises regarding attending this conference in a mind-altering way! We were keenly aware of God’s personal revelation for us from the very first testimony. The core of it is this; although our ministry is to marriages, we saw and heard firsthand that there is no root difference between the broken places in heterosexual marriages we encounter in our ministry and the issues that were being addressed at the conference. We agreed fully with the many anointed speakers, who laid out the bottom line very clearly from the Word. Our common human dilemma is that we were ALL created starving for DEEP intimacy, to know and be known. I also saw that in spite of our common humanity, each of our journeys are as unique as we are.


To the Body of Christ: One of my big takeaways from the conference was a call to be used as a mouthpiece to open the eyes of the Church to this reality: No sin, wound, or area of broken thinking is worse than any other. Pornography, gluttony, addictions, infidelity, and pride are rampant in the Church at large. However, because these are easier to hide and keep in the dark away from public eyes, they are left in the proverbial closet. When I was a very lost and broken young woman, I was living with a man, not my husband, lost in heterosexual promiscuity, eating disorders, and all sorts of perverse sin. Yet a small church welcomed me, and let me sit in the front row for 18 months while I searched for and was found by Jesus. In my healing years, I was ‘messy.’ But they loved me with healthy affection, nurturing me during my stages of growth and finding more and more freedom. This kind of discipleship was not found by most of my new HFW friends. They were labeled by the Church and not welcome to come into the fold and search for help. I ask you, what other sin is kept outside the doors of church in such a way?!  You’ll find ministries for substance abuse, divorce, the sexually abused, abortion wounds, eating disorders, and every other scheme of the enemy. Where is the vehicle for transformation for those whose wounds are gender related?

Thank God that men and women are answering the call to provide resources to those who minister to these wounded souls. I believe God is using Hope for Wholeness greatly in the season that is upon us. I urge you to link arms and give, pray, and labor alongside them.


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