Jerry’s In His Time Testimony

Father daughterJerry’s Story

Raised in a Christian home I accepted Christ at age 12 and never questioned my salvation experience.  I served 4 years in USMC 1963-1967 with one-year duty in Vietnam.  This time in my life led me to alcohol abuse and a lifestyle outside God’s will.  I graduated from college, got married, and when my children were young age Deuteronomy chapter 6 became my guideline for raising my children.  The question came to my mind, “How can I train my children in the ways of Christ when my lifestyle did not represent his Lordship in my life?”  Through prayer and reading scripture the attraction and desire for alcohol were diminished in my life.  I taught 6th grade boys in Sunday school for 15 years desiring to teach them truth and submission to God’s will for their lives.  In my daughter’s senior year of high school she told Judy and I one night that she was gay and tired of hiding it.  I experienced guilt, hurt, and loss of control as a parent.  I then went through withdrawal and separation from my wife and daughter.  Depression, embarrassment, and anger were my constant companions.  I continuously prayed and read scripture to no avail.  One morning in a quiet moment I felt the Holy Spirit say to me, “Your daughter has her problems, but you have your issues as well.”  I had to look at my life and walk back into God’s will before I could help my daughter.  My wife and I began attending Love in Action’s parent group and we received much healing from the pain we both carried.  The next year I sensed the Holy Spirit speaking to me, “You have received healing, so don’t you think other hurting parents need the healing and support you have received?”  Feeling convicted of this call, I went to our senior pastor and shared my thoughts.  With his approval we began In His Time ministry, which was started 14 years ago.  We have seen God work in many people’s lives.  It has been a time of sadness and hurt, yet full of blessing to see lives changed in our midst.  I will always be thankful for His calling on my life and the opportunity He offers to help the hurting and downcast.

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