How to Get a Taurus Man to Chase You: 10 Irresistible Ways

If you find yourself constantly drawn to the charisma of a Taurus man, you are not the only one! Many women find their elegant and rational personalities attractive. 

So, your quest to find out how to get a Taurus man to chase you would require a deeper understanding of their core nature (since you are not the only one on the list of their admirers).

The fact that Taurus men are so ambitious makes them yet more desirable. They are hardworking and very committed to their goals. 

Succeeding is important for Taurus men, but that doesn’t mean they always chase success. They live life “king-size” but have been known to show special attraction towards simplicity.

I know it sounds confusing – they run behind success but are drawn to simplicity? Well, that’s a Taurus man for you! It is, however, not too difficult to lure them once you understand their personality.

“Taureans are not going to be rushed. They like everything, including a friendship or love affair, to be built on a firm foundation.” —The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need, by Joanna Martine Woolfolk

Taurus Personality

Taurus men are unique and are frequently regarded as among the most down to earth individuals in the world and are devoted to their loved ones. 

Another peculiar thing about Taurus men is that they do enjoy the finer things in life, and they can be materialisitic.

They also harbour (and admire in others) a sense of adventure, but mainly in the bedroom.

“Appreciative of all things tasty, comfortable, luxurious, and sensually pleasing, your Sun in Taurus knows how to enjoy the physical realm.” —You Were Born for This, by Chani Nicholas

Men in this zodiac sign enjoy everything that looks, smells, sounds, and feels good. They prefer home-cooked meals in a comfortable and secure atmosphere.

Even though they prefer exquisiteness when it comes to seducing them; staying simple and down to earth is the key outside of the bedroom, since they prefer consistent affection and routine over the unexpected.

Taurus men don’t have super high expectations for their partners or family members. Men of this zodiac sign will generally inspire you to uphold the relationship by first being dependable, devoted, and loyal themselves. 

They would stand by the sides of their beloved no matter what and will never consider cheating on them.

Taurean males are quite rational in their outlook on life and they dislike living in a world of fantasy. They know the value of having great yet realistic dreams.

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Irresistible Ways to Get a Taurus Man to Chase You

Once you have understood their personality and peculiarities, it is time to find out how to get a Taurus man to chase you. And trust me, it’s not that difficult once you follow these simple steps:

#1. Focus on Being Elegant and Confident

Having dated a Taurian in the past, I can personally vouch for the idea that they love classy and independent women. So you must focus on wooing him with your confidence and graceful manner.

Don’t be scared to flaunt your style or love of luxurious clothing around the Taurus guy in your life.

They will also love your independence and really admire a poised and calm woman. If you want to know how to get a Taurus man to chase you, remember that the secret lies in being confident and sophisticated.

Tips for showing confidence?

  • Share your personal beliefs and thoughts with respect
    Don’t judge yourself (or him) too harshly
  • Let him be who he is without trying to force him to change into something that’s more comfortable for you

#2. Have Hearty and Intellectual Conversations

Taurus men don’t have time for nonsensical discussions and would simply shut you off if you constantly chatter without making any sense. Their rational and goal-oriented nature leads them to feel attracted to intellectual personalities.

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If you want him to chase you, you must have witty and sensible conversations with him most of the time. Taurus men are curious about life, so bring up interesting and exciting topics in your conversation.

This does not mean that you are not allowed to have fun though! Your playfulness and sense of humour is another thing that he will feel drawn to. 

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#3. Use the Dark Feminine Art of High Value Banter to Show Your Playfulness

As I mentioned, even though Taurus men love intelligent conversations, they also appreciate playfulness, and even some witty banter.

However, if you’re not particularly witty, that’s no problem, because all you really need is your playfulness.

To entice a Taurus man, a great tool to use is the dark feminine art of high value banter, or playful banter. 

Banter is a great way to attract him and make him absolutely fascinated by you, as it’s a method of conversation that shows you’re intelligent enough to bounce the conversational ball back at him.

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#4: Show Class and Poise Through Your Fashion Sense

If you want to learn how to get a Taurus man to chase you, don’t forget the important aspect of dressing well. 

A Taurus man will observe everything about you, including your dressing style. You don’t want to appear slutty in front of a Taurus man (especially out in public), because they are all about class.

The Venus-ruled zodiac sign of Taurus is prone to place a lot of emphasis on appearance and aesthetics. Men in this zodiac sign are astute observers who will check out how you dress, talk, carry yourself around, etc.

So to show that you’re a woman of class, here’s some helpful suggestions:

  • Purchase less items of clothing, but spend a little more money on acquiring clothes that are classic and well made
  • Make sure you have a nice selection of plain black, white and cream dresses as well as tailored pants
    Put a flower in you hair, tie a soft silk scarf around your neck, or wear classic and simple earrings that ooze an Audrey Hepburn style
  • Save any slutty or revealing clothing only for the bedroom, as he will have to be in a specific mood for that


#5. Compliments Are Sexy to a Taurus Man

Don’t believe me? Okay, just give him an honest compliment when you are alone with him and check out how he secretly blushes. 

Giving compliments is one of the best ways to lure a Taurus man.

However, be sure that your compliments are sincere and come from the heart because Taurus men are very skilled at differentiating hearty compliments from flattery.

Focus on complimenting qualities other than his outward appearance and attire, like his intelligence, sense of humor, and charisma.

Compliments don’t just have to come from verbal comments either.

You can compliment him indirectly by showing him that all your attention is on him.

When you are together, be affectionate with him and give him the impression that you are the only ones in the room. His fondness for you will definitely grow if the compliment comes from the heart.


#6. Be Unapologetically Feminine

When it comes to learning how to get a Taurus man to chase you, you must focus on building attraction as well as connection. 

Attraction and connection are the two things that will make him see you as high value and worthy of chasing.

So far we’ve focused mainly on doing things that build connection. Connecting with a Taurus man necessitates that you show that you value what he values, and that you are just as refined as he is.

However, creating that strong attraction with a Taurus man calls for you to show that you’re feminine. This is because for real attraction to build, you also have to have opposing and complimentary sexual energies.

Your feminine energy will compliment his masculine energy, and the good news is that being a woman, you will probably naturally be more feminine at your core. 

(There’s a small percentage of women who are more masculine at their core, but the great majority of women are feminine).

So, what you want to do to make him chase you is to fascinate him with your feminine energy. Don’t be afraid to show how delicate and feminine you are inside!

How do you do that?

  • Deepen your feminine energy by relaxing your need to work and achieve goals sometimes. Let your body feel pleasure and let yourself feel connected to nature so that things slow down and you can be more connected to your body
  • Nurture him and the home, animals and plants that you share together
  • Talk, share and spend time with your women friends (spending time with other feminine ladies helps to keep your feminine energy intact)

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#7: Be Loyal

The next thing you must do if you want to make a taurus man chase you is: be real, be honest, and most importantly, be loyal!

A Taurus man has a more practical personality, and anything that is insincere would drive him away. 

You must have guessed by now that Taurus takes romantic relationships very seriously. Before settling down and starting an intimate relationship, he will take his time to ensure the woman is genuine.

I can tell you that your connection with the Taurus won’t last forever if you like to play games and conceal the truth.

Don’t play mind games. Since Taurus is not a manipulator, he won’t recognize your maneuvering. Save yourself the trouble and the ammunition, while you’re at it.” – Terry Marlowe, Astrologically Incorrect

Remember that a Taurus would have numerous options when choosing his lover for life, so you need to appeal to his core if you want him to choose you.

How do you appeal to his core? Know who he is! Know that being fake and disloyal will ultimately make him repelled by you.

A Taurus man will see your authenticity and loyalty as high value, and he will see petty game playing and childish attempts to get his attention as low value.

Too many women make the mistake of feigning disinterest to try to get a Taurus man to chase them, but he will sense this nonsense quickly, and put you in the basket of low value women who are not worth chasing.

Instead, don’t be afraid to show that you are the loyal type by: 

  • Not falling for attempts from other guys to pick you up and seduce you
  • Being authentic and caring; and 
  • Being always present during your conversations with him

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#8. Give Him Space and Respect His Boundaries

If you want to know how to get a Taurus man to chase you, you should remember that you cannot do this by suffocating him. 

Avoid sending constant texts, phone calls, and silly emojis. It won’t make him like you. You need to give him space and let him decide things independently.

Remember that this sign does not enjoy rushing. Taurus can take a while to decide whether or not he wants to pursue you. 

Give him the space and time he requires, because this is the only way that he can determine his readiness for a relationship.

If you’re the kind of woman who finds giving a man space difficult, here’s something I always advise women to do that will make it easier.

Find a new purpose in your life (write a blog, start a business, invest in a new passion like dance or martial arts) and become engrossed in it.

This only makes you more attractive to the Taurus man.

#9. Be Vulnerable so That He Becomes Vulnerable To You Too

Taurus men need to feel at ease with the person they are attracted to. The best way to make him feel at ease is to show him who you are underneath what you present to the world at large, and to people who don’t really know you.

Most women prefer to try to create an image of themselves – there’s actually a lot of pressure to do this in this social media age.

But if you allow yourself to gradually open up to him and show him more of your authentic feelings, this would appeal to a Taurus man greatly.


Because Taurus men enjoy the process of getting to know their prospective love interests. 

If he is falling for you, he would truly enjoy the process of slowly learning about who you are, and he would do this before becoming fully invested in you.

You should therefore respond to him as honestly as possible. Let him get to know the real you. 

Taurus men take their time to open up, so they’ll enjoy it if you do it first, because your leading by example gives them that sense of ease that they’re looking for.

When you show your vulnerability, your Taurus man will see that he can lower his guard and be vulnerable with you once you are vulnerable with him.

Some tips on being vulnerable:

  • Don’t be afraid to feel how you really feel
  • Tell him about something that made you feel really vulnerable and tell the story in an engaging way
  • Introduce him to someone who means a lot to you

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#10. Surprise Him with Meaningful Gifts

Taurus men secretly appreciate receiving presents and attention! 

But you really need to be careful with this, and don’t “go all out” on a gift when you haven’t formed a real connection with him yet, or aren’t in a committed relationship yet.

Remember that when you’re just dating a Taurus guy (or not even there yet), the gift you give him doesn’t have to be extravagant. Simply make him his favorite dinner, or get him a cup of coffee made the way he likes.

These gestures will appeal to his desire for simplicity, and will also appeal to his preference for routine, whilst also making his routine more meaningful!

Taurus men appreciate fancier things, but try not to give high priced and fancy gifts until he is fully familiar with you, otherwise it will just feel desperate. 

You don’t want to give something so expensive and “big” that your gift makes you seem like you’re the one chasing him (because you want him to chase you, right?)

But rather, the perfect gift would reflect your level of familiarity with him and your attention to the little things in his life.

Now let’s answer a couple of common questions on dating Taurus men, shall we?

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Frequently Asked Questions on How to Get a Taurus Man to Chase You

How to Attract a Taurus Man?

One of the quickest and most effective pieces of advice on how to attract a Taurus man would be to stay brutally honest, be authentic and lead with your own vulnerability.

One thing that differentiates a Taurus man from others is that they feel attracted to people who are not pretentious.

Have interesting and open conversations with him to give him the opportunity to get to know YOU! 

Share your vulnerable moments with him, as this will inspire him to let his guard down and consequently, want to get closer to you.

What does Taurus Man Expect from His Partner?

He wants to be accepted for who he is like most men do. 

He is most compatible with someone who can accept and value his calm, cool and collected demeanor. 

He’s the one for you if you can go with the flow and enjoy life’s simple joys with a committed partner.

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Final Thoughts

A Taurus man can be a wonderful partner, but because of his charismatic personality, don’t think you are alone in the race.

However, getting a Taurus man to chase you is not that difficult if you understand and respect his personality. 

When trying to get him to chase you, prioritise showcasing these top traits in yourself: 

  • Honesty
  • Elegance
  • Femininity
  • Confidence; and 
  • Quick-wittedness

Once you are able to show up with these important traits, your Taurian will be chasing you blindly and desperately!

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