How To Distance Yourself From A Married Man In 7 Easy Steps

If you are reading this article it means you’re in a relationship with a married man, and deep down in your heart you know it’s not right. 

A married man can be the perfect forbidden fruit – highly valuable, attractive and charming.

Only, the catch is that he’s not really yours. That’s a hard pill to swallow, especially if he’s given you the impression (or tried to sell you on the idea) that he’s yours.

So, I applaud you for taking the first step which is to look for help on how to end this relationship. That’s the most important part of this process – accepting that the relationship may be a mistake and that you are better off without it. 

So you’re wondering how to distance yourself from a married man.

Well, detaching may feel hard initially, especially if you are deeply attached to this man. 

If you’ve fallen for the guy hard and invested a lot of your time and effort into the relationship, then it will definitely be difficult to figure out how to walk away from a married man.

But the good news is, it can be done, and starting it now is better than starting years later, when some of your most precious years have been wasted away on him. 

OK so let’s talk about how to end the relationship today and redeem yourself!

How To Distance Yourself From A Married Man In 7 Easy Steps: (You can do all these!)

#1: Avoid Interaction and Connection

It may seem an obvious first step but in reality this is the hardest thing to do especially if you feel like you’re in love with the guy. 

Interestingly, since you’re looking for answers on how to distance yourself from a married man, you have already probably been suffering deep down inside. 

But you still went back to him – likely because he’s become an addiction for you. You’re addicted to the attention.

But addiction is not real love. It’s just an addiction. 

So yes, avoid interaction or any connection with him because it won’t do you any good, it’ll just prolong your agony and it’ll be harder to end your relationship with a married man if it continues any longer. 

Distance yourself from the guy to let him know that you are serious in breaking up with him.

How to do this? 

  • Remove his number from your phone 
  • Remove him from all of your social media; and 
  • Move on cold turkey.

Your soul needs this. Your future needs this.

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#2: If You Want To Say Something, make It This ONE Word

If you want to say one last thing to him – make it one word: “no”. 

No need to write him long, sappy letters in the hope that he will leave his wife. If you want, you can write a letter, but don’t send it. Keep it for yourself.

Do yourself a favor by saying no to him – saying no to his invites, saying no to his advances, saying no to his sweet nothings (because it is what it is – nothing). 

I know that on your first few tries it will be hard to say no because your heart says a different thing but you have to muster up the courage and just say no.

Also, being able to say no (or being able to practice saying ‘no!’) is a quick way to become a high value woman.

It is one word that makes you a high value woman.

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#3: Do a Reality Check and a Self Check

Ask yourself –

“What do I get from this relationship after all this time?” 

Because you are investing not only your time and energy in this relationship but also your future. 

Where is your place in the relationship when you are technically single, but the man you love has a wife of his own and probably kids too? 

Is this something you want for yourself? 

Is this something you want your future kids to have too? If you fall pregnant to him, it could spell a world of trouble for you and your future child.


Your kids will also have to live with what you are creating here, and they will always be the innocent victims of a fractured relationship.

Do you want your future children to have so much less love and support than they could have, if you were with a man who was fully committed to you and them?

Start doing regular reality checks with yourself, and end your relationship with this married man. 

If not for yourself, at least for your future kids.

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#4: Don’t Make Excuses For Him

You are probably saying to yourself…

“Oh he said he’s going to leave his wife (and kids) soon”

But after months or years of being with him, no step was made in this direction at all. 

He continues to swim on both sides and maintains both relationships. It’s very self serving (and short-sighted) of him to do this. 

Ladies, just stop. Do not make up excuses for him. You deserve to be loved and given the undivided attention of a man, a man that is not committed to anyone but yourself.

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#5: Believe In Yourself And Your Value

You are a strong and independent woman, you are capable of doing so many great things in this life. 

Leaving a married man that you love will not knock you down. 

Do you know why?

Because this dating game is all about the value that you build within yourself.

So just because you leave this married man, does not mean that you cannot attract an even better man, if you focus on building your value as a woman.

Believe in yourself and make your new focus be about building your value for the right guy.

When you’re high value, you can have any guy you wish. And if you could have any guy you wish for, would you still choose to take this married guy?

Remember that this is for you and your future. Believe that you have the power to redeem yourself and prove to your family and friends that you deserve someone better. 

There’s no one in this world who can push you to do good anymore than yourself. 

No one else is going to care about YOU enough to make this move for you. So you will need to be the one who cares enough.

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#6: Let Him Know He Can’t Have His Cake and Eat It Too

You know these married men who get into a relationship with another woman are just out there looking for excitement or a new thrill. In other words, he may be using you. Click here to check the signs that he is using you. 

Most of them are not serious about going deeper into a relationship with you. 

They got bored with their family life and wanted to feel that freedom they used to feel when they were still single and unattached.

You are an avenue for him to experience that freedom – you are the thrill, albeit a short-term thrill. 

Sadly for most married men, dating or seeing another woman is nothing but an outlet to experience another part of themselves. 

At the end of the day, they’ll go home to their wife and kids. 

So stand your ground and let him know he can’t have both worlds. Get yourself out of this situation and live a better life. 

Leave him and his self serving ways.

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#7: Shift Your Focus To His Kids (and Wife!)

A lot of women may resist this part, assuming “it’s not MY problem”. 

But actually, it is. Because you will always suffer the fate of having the short end of the stick with a married man.

It’s not just the wife who will suffer. 

But even if you don’t care about her, try to put yourself in the shoes of the wife. What would you feel? 

You’re a woman too, so you should know what the wife is going through. 

Is this something you would want to experience for yourself too? 

If he can cheat with his wife now, what makes you think he won’t do it with you? See, this kind of behavior is a pattern.  It’s a cycle that these types of men keep repeating. 

And then think about his kids (or future kids) who are the innocent victims of this affair. 

These kids deserve an opportunity to have their whole family and you are not one to ruin it for them – you are a better person than that. 

Give Yourself The Ultimate Gift

Give yourself the ultimate gift: the gift of not being the other woman.

Give yourself the gift of being free to see the right man for you. Focus on meeting a physically and emotionally available man who can actually commit to you.

When you wonder about how to distance yourself from a married man, start focusing on how much you hate being the one who comes second.

Because that’s exactly what is happening, and somewhere inside, you know this. 

Let your married man sort out things with his family and self first, especially if his relationship with his wife has been strained long before you came into the picture. 

But as long as their separation isn’t official and final, just do the right thing by yourself and by him, and stay away. 

Live your life and give yourself the space and the opportunities to meet men that are unattached and without complications. 

You don’t want to be called “the other woman”, after all. 

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Kathy Inman

Im a cheater and I dont care because im selfish. How do i care about the married mans wife and leave them alone?


If you can’t care about the wife, then care about yourself first before you try to care about the wife. Why would you take his crumbs? He will never give you the full gifts that a man who isn’t taken (and is emotionally committed) will give you.


I’m in love with a married man. He doesn’t push the relationship. I do. I’ve never met any man like him in my whole life. I’m addicted to him and float on his every word. We have never had sex. I try to think about his wife and family but, his wife doesn’t even try to fix their problems. How can I walk away from someone I believe is the greatest guy in the world, knowing he isn’t appreciated like he should be? I’m not a home wrecker but, if it’s not me it will be another woman who gives him what he needs and deserves.