How Does A Taurus Man Test A Woman? 10 Distinct Ways

Taurus is an earth sign, and Taurus men can make amazing partners. 

However, they don’t just give away their heart without any challenge. 

You have to win their love, and this involves passing certain tests they will throw your way both consciously and unconsciously. 

Here’s how to understand the kind of tests a Taurus man will try on you.

#1. He’ll Test Your Loyalty

How does a Taurus man test a woman? The number one way he does so is by seeing how loyal you are. 

He won’t commit to you unless he knows you’re a loyal woman of integrity.

Taurus is an earth sign for a reason: the Taurus man is grounded, dependable and set in his routine. 

He doesn’t want to go wild or fall in love with someone who will just suddenly leave him or change her mind. 

Taurus men will do various things to test your loyalty, including: 

  • Introducing you to their male friends
  • Seeing how you act around other guys (whether you’re an attention seeker)
  • Testing how emotionally loyal you are by pulling away or pausing contact with you. His main purpose with this test would be to see whether you start going out with other men

This is really all par for the course with a Taurus man. 

As January Nelson writes for Thought Catalog:

“Taurus men aren’t an adventurous, spontaneous sign. They prefer routine and cannot stand change…

They would rather know what life has in store for them than be taken by surprise. The unknown is too scary to face.”

Because of this desire to stick to the tried and true, the Taurus man will see if you are also comfortable putting all your cards on the table. 

The more that you keep your cards hidden or try to keep him guessing, the more he will withdraw. 

The Taurus man does not respond well if you play too hard to get. 

Just something to keep in mind!

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#2. He Cancels Plans At The Last Minute 

One of the ways in which a Taurus man tests your loyalty and investment in the relationship is to cancel plans at the last minute. 

How does a Taurus man test a woman? 

He sees whether you’re really into him or not. And sometimes he does that by being a bit of a drag and canceling on you. 

Being stood up is not any woman’s idea of a good time and can be interpreted as downright disrespectful, which it certainly can be. 

The Taurus man, however, will generally cancel with enough advance notice to at least not completely humiliate you publicly. 

However, he will sometimes see how you react to him having to cancel plans or pulling back his interest slightly. 

Do you flip out and get angry?

Do you retreat in depression or start freezing him out?

He may interpret this as a lack of investment into the relationship itself and begin to mirror you in that regard. 

After all, if you freeze him out just because he cancelled plans on you once, that’s a genuine red flag for him in terms of how loyal you really will be in the future. 

If you give up on him after a time or two, he moves on. Subconsciously or not, he’s seeing whether you’re really in this for the long haul. 

If you stay patient and try to work things out, you’ll grow on him and he’s more likely to give you a real chance. 

#3. He Inquires About Your Deeper Ideas

Taurus men can make an ideal partner, but they aren’t easy to win over. 

He will inquire about your core values, deeper ideas, and what makes you tick. 

He’s going to want to know how you grew up and what motivates you.

To the extent you are willing to open up, he’ll want to know what the deal was with your past relationships and whether you’re willing to be frank and open up about some of your faults. 

This guy will want to know what you really believe and he’s not likely to be overly forgiving if you’re on a completely different page than him. 

It’s not that he wants full compliance, but he’s truly interested in whether you could be compatriots on the wild ride of life. 

And if you can’t be, he’s going to want to know as soon as possible. 

Sure, he may respect you even if you disagree. 

But a Taurus man is much less likely to open his heart to you if he sees that you have a fundamentally different life philosophy or value system than he does. 

While he may respect it, he’s going to be unlikely to want to hitch his heart to someone who’s going a different direction than him. 

Having said that, you probably don’t want to invest in him if he’s not in it for the long haul either, right?

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#4. He Gets A Bit Too Jealous Sometimes

Every person is different and Zodiac signs aren’t everything, but they do make a difference. 

While taking a deeper look at birth charts can yield insights into the ascendant sign and much more, the principal Zodiac sign also makes a huge difference.

Taurus is represented by the bull, and they have a strong and dominant side, but they mostly like to frolic around in peace and swat their tail to get rid of flies.

They don’t want more drama than they need, but they aren’t a fan of other cows coming into their pasture.

Let’s not sugarcoat this: 

The Taurus man can unfortunately be rather jealous and possessive in some instances. 

In terms of how does a Taurus man test a woman, this can also be one of the ways. 

He displays jealousy on purpose and sees if you shrink back or are intimidated by it. 

If you are, then he is likely to withdraw or lessen his interest in you. 

He generally wants a partner who is willing to be “his” and be completely loyal to him, even to the point of being OK with some jealousy beyond the bounds of what’s generally considered easygoing or normal. 

#5. He Moves Slow But Sure

The Taurus man tends to be confident and believe he knows what’s best for him. 

Since the Taurus man rates highly in pragmatism and having a solid life plan, he will approach relationships and love in the same form:

Step by step. 

For this reason, the Taurus man tends to test you by seeing whether you also are willing to take things slow and sure. 

Like a bull, the Taurus man moves slowly and ploddingly in most cases, but with a lot of weight. 

He puts his full force behind what he does. And if a matador comes to try and make him see red, he may just go berserk or completely run away. 

One or two big missteps and he’s likely to pull the plug on the whole affair. 

But if you show that you’re just as committed and cautious as he is, and that you’re keen to take it progressively, then he’s likely to see you as a potential life partner. 

This may be frustrating if you’re wanting his deeper commitment or you’re keen to take your relationship to the next level, so this is where it’s helpful to learn the tricks on How To Get A Taurus Man To Chase You.

#6. He Tries To Catch You In A Lie

The Taurus man is a bit of a tough catch. 

How does a Taurus man test a woman? 

One way is by trying to catch you in a lie. He may inquire about what happened during your day and become rather suspicious if your story changes.

He is interested in your overall honesty and attention to detail here, not just whether you went shopping before or after you left your university night class, or whatever the topic may be. 

It’s not that he expects perfection, it’s just that he wants someone who values truth to a high degree in a similar way that he does. 

If he starts to get the feeling that you’re more into telling white lies or changing what you say a lot, then he may start to pull his heart away from you. 

Perhaps unjustified, but Taurus men can be very tough to win over! He wants to be sure that you’re a high value woman when he pulls away.

If he gets the sense that you’re a bit shifty then he’s likely to stop being as interested in you or start putting you through even more rigorous tests as to your trustworthiness. 

If you lie about small things, the Taurus man will assume that you are low value and that you can and do lie about the bigger things. 

You may want to avoid sending him signals that you’re a low value woman if you want to win his heart…

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#7. He Probes Your Monetary Independence

The Taurus man tends to be generous to a fault. He likes to take care of others and be a responsible and honorable guy. 

This can lead to him being taken advantage of, especially by women. 


If a Taurus man has been burned in the past, he’s going to check whether a woman’s relationship to money and generosity is a good one.

Are you one to treat money like it’s burning a hole in your pocket?

Are you constantly in debt due to impulsive choices or due to not thinking ahead into the future?

And are you hoping that he will be your financial cushioning when you make bad choices?

The Taurus man doesn’t mind helping you out financially at all, but if you’re using him for his money in some way, then he’s not going to be happy about that one bit. 

And he’s going to want to know if you can balance your checkbook without him babysitting you. 

How does a Taurus man test a woman? 

He watches her monetary independence, how she acts around the topic of finances and what she does with her own money. 

If he starts to see that she’s a freeloader, gold digger or a cheat he quickly turns tail and backs out as soon as possible. 

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#8. He Finds Out Whether You’re In It For The Long Haul

A Taurus man will use various ways to test whether you are in it for the long haul or just to bump boots. He’ll want to see whether you’re just here to take what you can get from him in the short term. 

I’m not saying no Taurus guys ever just want a short term relationship or a roll in the hay, but when it comes to dating and relationships they tend to be more of the serious type. 

Unless he’s just looking for some fun, he’s going to be seeing how your values, words and behavior portray a possible future with you. 

Do you talk about having kids?

Do you complain about your exes in a suspicious way that could reflect some issues that you have?

Do you have high self-knowledge and a strong commitment to bettering yourself and your life?

Are you one who is willing to take a look at yourself and your own behavior?

He’s going to be paying attention to all of this and be seeing if he truly feels you could be a match. 

Even if you aren’t really sure what you want, he’s more than willing to be patient about that. 

But if he sees red flags, like you being a person who’s less than dependable or willing to back out at the last minute from a commitment with him, he’s going to head for the hills faster than you can blink an eye.

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#9. He Tests Your Patience

The Taurus man works hard and has goals for the future. 

The Taurus man works hard and has goals for the future. He’s patient in achieving his goals and wants a partner who’s similarly willing to be patient and oriented toward long-term objectives. 

He will test your patience in various ways in order to see whether you have the same kind of staying power that he has. 

Examples of how he may test your patience include not responding quickly to messages, delaying physical intimacy, being cautious in opening up about how he feels and seeing if you are willing and able to keep your attention on him as you begin to date.

While some may interpret these as juvenile games, for the Taurus man this is all just part of finding a woman who’s as tough as he is and willing to delay gratification to work toward her goal, including in relationships. 

#10. He Tests How Supportive You Are When Things Get Tough

How does a taurus man test a woman?

He sees how supportive you are when things aren’t going well for him, and he tests this in many different ways. 

Some examples:

He watches what you do when he has a bad day and is in a grumpy mood. 

He will see whether you’re emotionally strong enough to offer to help him when he’s sick or injured and not his usual manly self.

He sees if you offer to help when his  car breaks down and he needs a ride. 

He sees how you respond when he’s in poor health and needs someone to care for him. 


Do you love him enough to be patient with all these tests? 

Or are you more in this chiefly for what this Taurus man can give you?

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Trying Out Love With A Taurus Man

Taurus men can be excellent lovers and partners, but as I’ve emphasized here, they’re not an easy catch. 

They can be demanding and somewhat set in their routine. 

For the right partner this can be comforting and attractive, but for others it can be off-putting, boring or overly set in their ways. 

At the end of the day, every love connection and relationship is different. 

I advise optimism in your search for love and a successful relationship, but encourage you to always be tempered with caution and realism. 

Love can work with a Taurus man if you understand and respect the kinds of tests they may put you through and their somewhat elevated need for dependability, compatibility and trustworthiness. 

Now over to you. Tell us what your Taurus guy is like. Is he a tough one to crack? Is dating him a nightmare? We always read the comments. If you have any questions, leave them below!

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Yes, the cancelling last minute and taking forever to text back. We are just friends with benefits but I want to be more. I told him hookups arent really for me and I want someone whos happy dating just me. He said a relationship with him wouldnt work, but the next time I saw him he said “you’re mine. Do you want me to break it off with the others? Do you want to be exclusive?” I told him I didnt wantto take him off his track like of he wanted to date a lot of girls right now he should just do it. He offered for us to talk about it later. We meet about every two weeks but they arent dates, we sit in the car and chat and then have sex. I would really love something more with this man.


What is his name?