How Does A Pisces Man Test You? 10 Top Secret Ways

The thing about dating and relationships is that we all test each other. 

Sometimes it’s not even conscious, but it’s part of our biology, psychology and sexuality to test the value and resilience of a mate or potential mate. 

Astrology has a lot to do with this as well. If you’re dating a Pisces man or considering it, here’s what you need to know about the ways in which he’s likely to test you. 

#1. He Tests Your Vulnerability and Communication Skills

How does a Pisces man test a woman? 

He likes to speak his mind and see if you do, too. 

Pisces men tend to be very loving and they like to talk about their emotions and how they feel. 

Part of this is testing whether you are also emotionally attuned to him, and whether you’re mature and confident enough to open up about how you feel, too. 

They don’t necessarily expect you to write them huge love poems after three months of dating or anything. 

But they do want to see that you are willing and able to communicate about how you feel and what the relationship means to you. 

While the Pisces man wants to move slowly and swim together with you until they find a good rhythm, they want to know that you’re willing to communicate with them along the journey. 

If they get the feeling that they’re more or less just fostering the relationship on their own, they will begin to get very antsy. 

If you clam up or hide your feelings for too long, the Pisces man will do the same and eventually walk away in frustration. 

This is mainly because they will see this as a sign that you’re not willing to be vulnerable, which is a huge red flag for him and a sign that he’s dealing with a low value woman.

In general, men don’t like to commit to women who aren’t willing to be vulnerable – and especially so if he’s a pisces man!

A lack of vulnerability in general means you cannot be trusted in a long term relationship.

So be careful not to show him you’re not trustworthy, as that equates to low value in a relationship. 

Be willing to open up and share your vulnerable moments and feelings with him.

This doesn’t mean you need to tell him you love him really quickly, as that will seem desperate.

It just means that you’re willing to connect with him over vulnerable things.

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#2. He Shuts Down

Another of the ways a Pisces man tests a woman is they sometimes shut down on you. 

If you hurt a Pisces man down to find out why, he won’t usually verbalize it. 

Instead, he will give you the cold shoulder and wait for you to figure it out. 

Pisces men are extremely creative people and march to the beat of their own drum. 

In terms of love this means that they tend to be pretty sensitive but also have boundaries which they won’t allow anyone to cross. 

One of those boundaries they don’t like crossed is when a woman shuts them out or doesn’t communicate in a way which reassures them of their mutual bond. 

If this happens, they may test you by clamming up on their own accord and seeing what you’re willing to do and how far you’re willing to come. 

Sometimes they will shut down and see if you have the desire and skill to coax them back out of their shell. 

As I said in the previous point, they’re looking for a partner who’s in touch with her feelings and not afraid to be vulnerable or verbalize them.

As such, they will see if you have this ability and inclination in your interactions with them.

The bottom line is that if you’re dating a Pisces guy and he starts to shut down, try your best to remain patient and affectionate. 

You’ll get through to him eventually. 

If you find your Pisces guy to be an avoidant in the relationship, try these 10 Little Known Ways To Communicate To An Avoidant Partner.

#3. He Sees If You Can Inspire & Motivate him

Sometimes all of us need a breather, but Pisces men can take this to a bit of an extreme. 

One of the shadow aspects of their sign is that they tend to be a bit overly idealistic and escapist at times, living in their imagination more so than the real world. 

It’s at these points that a Pisces man sometimes needs a swift and romantic kick in the butt. 

That’s where you come in?


How does a Pisces man test a woman?

Sometimes it is as simple as seeing whether you can motivate him and get him off his behind. 

Pisces men tend to be fairly self-aware and they realize that they get lost a little in dreamland, but it can be hard for them to single-handedly pull themselves out. 

(They need a good woman to inspire them!)

As a mystical water sign, Pisces seeks someone who appreciates their spiritual and relaxed nature, but they also like a bit of earth and fire at times to show them the other flavors of life. 

Having a partner who is more down-to-earth and pragmatic can be a huge boon for them and they will tend to fall in love quickly with a self-starter who has a clear and action-oriented approach to life. 

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#4. He Tests Your Femininity

What? Your femininity?

Yes, a Pisces man will test how feminine you really are, because femininity is intricately connected to sensitivity and vulnerability.

If you are an invulnerable, hard type of woman who won’t let anyone get close to you, he’ll become suspicious and wonder why you can’t let him into your world.

Most women have a feminine core, which means they identify more with the feminine energy within them (and prefer to live in their feminine energy) than their masculine energy.

But lots of modern women try to pretend they don’t have this delicate feminine sensitivity, and a Pisces man will be well aware of this.

Why do some women like to pretend they’re not so delicately feminine?

So that they can avoid people seeing them for who they really are, and make people see the fake masculine facade of control and “knowing it all” that they’re presenting. 

So try to connect deeply with your feminine energy to attract a Pisces man!

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#5. He Will Go Hot And Cold

Yes, a Pisces man’s emotions and moods may seem contradictory, and you can easily see why this is by looking at the sign.

As Melanie Wild writes for Be Makeful:

“The symbol of Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite direction which is symbolic of their watery duality that shifts like ocean currents.”

So expect your Pisces guy to go hot and cold sometimes. 

One minute he’ll seem loving and affectionate, and the next he may seem pensive and distant.

Rest assured, he’s not doing this because he doesn’t feel attracted to you, but because he wants to know that you’re willing to accept his occasionally contradictory moods!

#6. He Seeks Mutual Understanding 

How does a Pisces man test a woman?

There are various ways, but another important method that they use is to look for empathetic traits in a partner. 

This does not mean that they want a pity fest or somebody who treats them in a maternal, babying way. 

But it does mean that they seek someone who is understanding and sees them for who they really are.

If they are going through a tough time at work, or even just finding work, they want your support or to see that you can at least relate to the experience. 

(Yes, Pisces men love to connect with you!)

If they are having a challenge in their family they may not involve you in it (hopefully not) but they will relate well to you showing that you understand the strain this can take on him. 

Most of all, the Pisces man just wants to know that he’s not rowing his boat alone. 

He wants a coxswain who’s there to help out and guide him, showing that she understands what’s going on and how it feels. 

#7. He Will Test Your Patience

Another thing the Pisces man does is he sees how patient you are. 

He wants someone who will open up to him and be loyal, but also someone who will not bolt at the first sign of trouble or conflict. 

He’s interested in taking things slowly and building on the connection you have step-by-step. 

If he senses that you’re trying to push him too fast or are playing him and taking advantage of his time and energy, the Pisces man will swim away like the fish symbol he’s represented by. 

He’s not going to keep swimming in your area of the water if he senses that you’re not truly part of his team and not on his side. 

Instead, he will seek out warmer waters where he can meet a kindred spirit who he feels truly respects him and will be true to him. 

If you have trouble remaining patient, be assured that the Pisces man tends to be among the more committed men. 

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If you have his trust and attraction towards you, then you can rest assured that he’ll still be thinking of you and wanting you even if things are moving slowly. 

Don’t fear, as long as you maintain and work on the connection between the two of you then you will continue to move forward in a positive direction in terms of your romantic bond. 

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#8. He Will Test Your Kindness

Pisces is a very spiritual and mystical sign. It tends to be a man who’s in touch with his feelings and spiritual inclinations. 

He will seek a partner who is spiritually sensitive or at least open to the idea of the supernatural and mystical. 

Part of this is seeking someone who’s not too harsh or judgmental. 

While he will appreciate motivational encouragement, as I noted earlier, a Pisces man will not appreciate someone who judges him or expects him to change for her. 

One of the top ways he will test you is by seeing how kind you are:

How do you treat the waitress when you go out for dinner?

How do you speak about people who frustrate you?

How self-aware are you about your own faults and challenges? 

He’ll be paying attention!

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#9. He Will Probe Your Authenticity

Pisces men are looking for a partner they can be authentic with, and if they find it lacking in you they will disengage quickly. 

The good news here is that a Pisces man is not usually judgmental, and will appreciate you opening up to him.

He’s not going to drop you or judge you harshly because you’ve had struggles in the past or even still have them. 

Instead, he will begin to fall for the genuine and vulnerable woman he sees in front of him. 

MORE: How To Be Vulnerable With A Man Without Being NEEDY.

A Pisces man will also be willing to return the favor of authenticity, opening up about his own life and experiences in a fiercely vulnerable manner. 

Now, all Pisces men are obviously not super sensitive with a high emotional intelligence. 

But they do have this characteristic of prizing authenticity over outer appearances. 

You are much better off getting down and dirty emotionally with a Pisces man than in trying to present a perfect and stable surface that he’ll soon see through. 

Be your real self and don’t sweep the dirt under the rug.

Remember that a diamond is formed between a rock and a hard place!

How does a Pisces man test a woman?

He sees if she’s willing to be her real self around him, because if he senses fakeness, mind games or performative interest he’ll be gone lickety-split. 

#10. He Will See How Curious You Are

Pisces men seek a true emotional bond in which they are free to be themselves in an imaginative and creative way. 

For this reason, they will test how curious you are and whether it matches their curiosity. 

Pisces men are full of questions and will want to know everything about who you are and how you became this way.

They love to hear about what made you the person you are today and what you care about. 

They also love being asked questions about themselves, from the more basic to the more profound. 

Pisces men love to talk about themselves, although of course men in general have a stereotype of enjoying talking about themselves. 

If he notices that you never ask him questions, his interest will generally start to fade pretty fast. 

He wants to be in love and really intrigued by someone, and he wants the same in return, unforced and natural. 

If that’s not happening, he’s probably going to walk.

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Who Is Most Compatible With A Pisces Man? 

Pisces men are very compatible with certain signs. The most compatible signs for a Pisces man are Cancer, Taurus and Virgo. 

Here’s why. 

Cancer is another water sign like Pisces and tends to have good communication skills and be able to form a spiritual bond that helps both partners deepen their intimacy. 

Cancer is also more prone to strong ups and downs (even stronger than the Pisces man’s contradictory moods), which is balanced out by the more calm, detached mysticism of Pisces. 

Taurus, meanwhile is a passionate but common sense earth sign which pairs well with Pisces in terms of enjoying life. 

The issue here is that sometimes the Pisces finds Taurus a bit unimaginative, but generally they have a very bright future together. 

Lastly, Virgo is a strong pairing for Pisces because Virgo is very much a “grounding” influence on Pisces. 

They both complement each other perfectly and are communicative in their own ways, making them a very ideal pairing. 

Passing The Pisces Test

Passing the Pisces test can be difficult, but just remember to always stay true to your own principles and never put anyone on a pedestal. 

A high value woman always knows her worth fully in every cell of her being.

All experiences and interactions are filtered through this certainty of self-worth.

If you maintain this frame you are sure to pass the Pisces tests with flying colors.

They also love having a partner who supports and encourages them to be even more than they already are. 

While they crave to be fully accepted where they are in life, they also appreciate someone who inspires them in times when they sit on their butt. 

This paradox is at the heart of dating a Pisces man. 

If you’re still wondering about how does a Pisces man test a woman, remember this:

There are so many ways he’ll test you, but if you’re sure of yourself and your own authenticity and value, these tests will slide off you like water off a duck’s back and you will glide straight on to the serene waters of love.

Now, you may be wondering who would be most compatible with a Pisces man. Let’s look into this question now.

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