How To Make An Aries Man Obsessed With You? 10 Alluring Ways

Are you in love with an Aries man? If so, we’ve got great news for you. These men are always looking for a partner who can keep up with their fast and furious lifestyle. 

They want someone who is as independent, confident, and capable as they are. And the good thing is that you have all those qualities. 

But that doesn’t mean it will be easy to win his heart…

An Aries man will not give up his independence easily. So how do you make him obsessed with you? 

Here are some great tips on how to make an Aries man obsessed with you:

1. Be Fearless.

Aries men are the kind of men who want to be in control at all times. 

They want to be the CEO of their own lives and always find a way to triumph against all odds. In fact, it is in Aries’ nature to try to take charge of any situation. 

But that doesn’t mean you have to submit to his every whim. Having the same courage and confidence as him is essential. When you are around an Aries man, you must be fearless enough to put your foot down when he crosses a line. 

You must be fearless enough to stand your ground even when he tries to overpower you. And, of course, you have to be bold enough to put yourself out there when you feel ready. 

So when learning how to make an Aries man obsessed with you know that it will be impossible for you to win his heart unless you match his tenacity and boldness.

What are some ways you can show your boldness?

  • Have emotional and physical courage (try new things, be willing to be vulnerable for example)
  • Engage in playful, high value banter with him
  • Believe that you’re worthy of him (you wouldn’t exist if you weren’t worthy of him!)

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2. Surprise Him With Your Spontaneity.

Aries men like being in charge and typically follow a routine.

If he makes plans and you suddenly want to do something else, he will be annoyed. 

Instead, invite him into novel experiences through showing him your own spontaneity (and excitement for a particular activity) instead. 

He will appreciate the fact that you are not someone who is always trying to fit into his schedule. 

Also, he will appreciate your ability to follow your own path and execute your own plans. This is the kind of trait that Aries men see as high value, as it matches their own intensity and it’s the type of trait they rarely find in a woman. 

So: if you’ve been putting off doing something because you were waiting for him to do it with you, now is the time to do it all by yourself. 

Let your joy and excitement for it inspire him!

To make an Aries man obsessed with you, and to make him perceive you as a high value woman he cannot live without, be a woman who lives life on her terms.

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3. Be Independent So He Doesn’t Feel Smothered.

The second-most important thing to remember when making an Aries man fall in love with you is your independence.

An Aries man feels very smothered when his partner is clingy and needy. He wants to feel like he has his own space and his own freedom. 

He will appreciate that you don’t want to be around him 24/7 and that he is able to spend time on his own.

In fact, if he feels like you are always with him, he will start to feel trapped. 

He wants to feel like he has space to breathe. He wants to feel like he has freedom to do his own thing. 

So If you can give him that, it’s a surefire step in the right direction on how to make an Aries man obsessed with you.

Do you struggle with not being needy? I understand. When you’re invested in someone, you want to have the reassurance that they are also willing to invest (a lot) in you!

But if you find that you’re chronically anxious and cannot stop ‘needing’ him, I have a suggestion for you: discover your own attachment style, because there’s a good chance you may have an anxious attachment style.

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(Why is this important? It is because your core attachment style largely dictates and influences what happens in your relationship. Thus it’s imperative you understand your core attachment style!)

4. Don’t Play Games — He Hates That!

The worst thing you can do when making an Aries man fall in love with you is to play games. 

An Aries man loves a bold and confident woman who grabs life by the horns and doesn’t let go. 

He doesn’t want someone who’s always calculating the pros and cons of every move she makes. 

He doesn’t want someone who is always trying to manipulate him or other people. He wants a woman who can stand on her own two feet. A woman who will be ok expressing genuine interest and being authentically vulnerable and courageous in life. 

If you are always trying to manipulate him and get one over on him, it won’t work.

So what are some good alternatives to playing games?

  • Embrace the uncertainty of the courtship stage rather than trying to control the process
  • Be playful and actually enjoy the art of playing (get in touch with the giggly, playful girl inside of you)
  • Be feminine but also embrace your masculine energy, so that you are balanced rather than being completely submissive or weak. This is how he will get to see the whole of you and appreciate your softness as well as your boldness
  • Appreciate his hard work and skills without gushing, and also throw him challenges by using banter (check these specific ways to tell him you like him as an example.)
  • Trigger real emotional attraction in him by embodying one specific emotional trigger. (What Is The One Specific Emotional Trigger Within Every Single Man in this World That Inspires Him to WANT to Commit to One Woman, Want to Take Care of Her, Worship Her and Only Her? CLICK to find out).

When it comes to attracting an Aries man, remember this:

He wants a partner who is confident enough to live her own life and make her own decisions and not someone who constantly second-guesses him and makes him feel bad about himself. 

5. Show Him How Valuable You Are To Him.

Aries men are very independent by nature. They don’t want you to hover over them and constantly be there for them when they don’t need you. 

Instead, they want you to show them how valuable you are to them.

They want you to be capable and confident enough to stand on your own two feet and show them that you can make it in the world on your own terms. 

So how would you show him your value? You can do it by: 

  • Taking care of yourself and prioritising your own health
  • Trusting that you’re worthy of his love (and other people’s love)
  • Making your own money; and 
  • Being there for him when he really needs you

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6. Keep Him On His Toes.

As we established, Aries men are bold, confident, and charismatic individuals who know how to get what they want. But that doesn’t mean that they should always have you ‘figured out’ and know what to expect from you. 

Aries men love a woman who keeps them on their toes. Someone who can surprise them at any moment and make their lives unpredictable. 

If you are always predictable and always doing exactly what you are supposed to do at any given moment, they will get bored. 

Of course, they do want to feel like they have a partner who they can rely on – but they also want to feel like they have a partner who is spontaneous and wild. 

So, to make an Aries man obsessed with you, make their life unpredictable, in a good way!

How can you do that? There are a few of particularly good ways to keep him on his toes:

  • I recommend using the dark feminine art of high value banter. This is one of the best ways to throw an Aries man a curveball, make him laugh and create that twinkle of fascination in his eyes! (Don’t know what the dark feminine art of “High Value Banter” is? CLICK to find out.)
  • Let yourself feel your feelings authentically. There’s nothing worse for an Aries man than a woman who always has to be in control of her emotions and wont let go. Emotions make things more interesting and help him figure out new ways to please you and navigate life with you. (No, this doesn’t mean you need to use your emotions to manipulate him. This means to simply let yourself feel what you feel, without trying to get something from him.)
  • Embrace your natural feminine energy. Your feminine energy naturally keeps him fascinated and interested in you (because it’s so different from his predominantly masculine energy, and therefore creates mystery). 

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7. Don’t Be Too Available.

You know those kinds of women who stare blankly into their phone all day long, hoping for a text to pop up?

Yeah, don’t let yourself succumb to such desperate and low value energy.

The last thing an Aries man wants is a woman who is always available to him. It screams desperation, and it screams low value!

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I totally understand wanting to be available for an irresistible man, but at the end of the day, you’ve got to remember that he’s an Aries man. Which means, he’s going to have: 

  • His own direction
  • His own plans; and 
  • A mind of his own

As such, you kind of have to treat your time like it’s worth $1,000 per hour.

Don’t waste it away waiting for his texts or calls!

Hold yourself as though your time and energy matters, and remind yourself that you always have something important and value adding to do.

An Aries man wants a woman who is confident enough to make her own decisions and follow her own dreams. If you are always available to him and never set any boundaries, he will feel like he has to take advantage of that fact. 

How would he take advantage of it? Well, if you are always available to him and always waiting for him to call you, he will feel like he can impose on you whenever he wants!

He will treat your time like it’s worth much less than his (without really meaning to or having bad intent, it’s just how Aries men are).

The bottom line?

In terms of how to make an Aries man obsessed with you – set boundaries around your time and stick to these boundaries.

Setting boundaries around your time would look like:

  • Letting him know that once you’ve committed to someone else, you’re not bailing on them just for him (he’ll respect your boldness!)
  • Making sure you have plans when you know you’ll be bored; and
  • Leading by example (for eg: when he has plans, you respect them and don’t force yourself into his pre-existing commitments just because you’ll feel too lonely or bored)

8. Be A Little Bit Mysterious.

You definitely don’t want him to read you like a book. That’s no fun!

You have to have your own life and your dreams. You have to have your work and your interests. 

And, of course, you have to have your friends and your own family. You have to be a little bit mysterious so that he doesn’t feel like he has a complete hold on you. 

If he knows he can summon you at a whim, you’re no longer worth being obsessed over and no longer worth chasing, something that Aries men love. A good chase.

So how can you be a little bit mysterious and inspire his obsession with you?

Let yourself be as feminine (which is naturally fascinating to a strong, masculine Aries man); and

Simply allow yourself to relax into the core of who you are. Your natural uniqueness and your fearlessness in expressing who you are is already mysterious and interesting.


Because we are all fascinated by those of the opposite sex who are unapologetically themselves. It’s like they don’t need to strip value from others, but rather, enjoying just living, being themselves and offering value where they can.

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9. Don’t Try To Change Him!

If you want to know how to make an aries man obsessed with you, don’t force yourself on him. Remember how independent Aries men are? Remember how capable they feel in their own direction in life?

Yeah, you don’t want to meddle in that (unless there’s a solid reason to, and unless you truly have value to add to his life).

Instead, respect his qualities. That’s what Aries men are for: respecting and appreciating.

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9. To Be Extra Hot, Believe that You Can Handle Him

Let me get one thing straight: too many women give up on an Aries man out of fear.

Fear of what?

Fear that they’re too independent and too driven.

But you shouldn’t fear that, because it’s how Aries men are made. As the old saying goes: “it is what it is”.  

Instead, believe that you’re made for him. Know that you were born to love and appreciate an Aries man.

If you don’t, and instead you let yourself succumb to your fears, then you’ll never be able to offer him the exact value that he needs!

And it’s this value that he needs in order to:

  • Claim you as his
  • Be obsessed with you; and
  • Love you to infinity and beyond

So once again, it’s critical that you know you can handle an Aries man, that you don’t wish to change him, but rather walk alongside him as an equally confident and capable partner. 

Final Words on Making An Aries Man Obsessed With You

Aries men are passionate and virile. They want a woman who can keep up with them and add value to their lives. 

If you want to remember in a nutshell how to make an Aries man obsessed with you, you need to be:

  • Confident yet feminine
  • Independent yet able to appreciate him for his value
  • Not afraid to be courageous; and
  • Not afraid of what life throws at you

You need to be willing to take chances and be spontaneous while showing him how valuable you are to him. 

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