How Does A Leo Man Test A Woman? 8 Unique Ways

The Leo man is dynamic, passionate and fiery.

He can be the handsome man of your dreams or the wild beast of your nightmares. 

The thing about Leo men that every woman has to understand is that a Leo man tends to have ridiculously high standards and be quite demanding. 

He also has so much love and loyalty to give. But it doesn’t come easy. 

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If you want to play in a Leo man’s jungle, there are a few hoops he’s going to make you jump through. 

Here’s a preview of the path to the Leo man’s heart…

#1: He Looks For Your Inner Flame

Leo men burn brightly and radiantly. They like to be the center of attention and they like to be respected and admired for who they are and what they accomplish. 

When meeting potential mates, the Leo man is looking for someone who also has deep passions and energy inside of them. 

If you’re asking yourself how does a Leo man test a woman, this is one of the crucial ways. 

He searches for an inner flame in the woman he’s considering dating or being with. 

Does she have something she’s deeply passionate about? Interests that drive her? An untameable inner spirit that won’t be defeated?

The Leo wants to find a woman who has her own inner fire that’s burning and her own heart overflowing with excitement and energy about her goals and interests. 

Does he find that in you in some form?

If so, you’ve passed the Leo man’s first test…

#2: He Tests Your Willpower 

Leo men are strong. They’re not necessarily always physically strong, but they are resilient and like challenges in every avenue of life. 

For this reason, the Leo man is looking for a mate who’s also strong and full of endurance.

How does a Leo man test a woman? 

This is right up there with the most important ways. 

He will see if she has her own mind and will or if she just follows him easily when he insists. 

This can start as simply as him making plans to go out and seeing if she always agrees, even when they’re last minute…

….And it could range to strongly disagreeing with her about something and seeing if this woman is willing to not back down. 

The Leo man doesn’t want a partner who just does what he says. 

He wants a feminine goddess. He wants to see that she’s a passionate, headstrong woman who truly admires and dotes on him but never follows blindly. 

He’ll test this by sometimes going a bit over the line in being pushy. Your job is to firmly and nicely stand up to him and be your own person. 

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#3: He Awaits Your Adoration

Whilst the Leo man wants you to have a mind of your own and the ability to resist him, he also desires praise and admiration. 

He is the king of the jungle, after all…

How does a Leo man test a woman? He sits back with his arms folded and waits to see if she recognizes his resplendent greatness. 

Basically it’s this:

If he has to ask or coax you into appreciating or praising him then the game is over. His frustration will quickly reach a boiling point and he’ll walk away. 

What he wants is for his woman to naturally recognize how admirable, beautiful and intelligent he is. 

He wants her to come to him of her own accord, unasked, just because of who he is. 

The Leo man, most of all, wants to know that he earned a mate’s praise, not that he pressured it out of her or that she is putting on a show. 

Quite frankly, if a Leo man senses that his woman is putting on a show, that she doesn’t truly love him for him, or that she only wants him for what he can offer her, he will see her as a low value woman.

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#4: He Sees How You Respond To His Success

How does a Leo man test a woman? 

He sees what she does when he has a big win. Does she celebrate or does she get jealous or intimidated in some way? 

What he craves is a woman who feels truly tied to him and allied with his successes in life. 

When he gets a promotion, she gets a promotion.

When he gets a standing ovation, she’s the first one standing to clap without checking if anyone else will first. 

The Leo man wants to know that his woman sees his potential and positive qualities and stands beside him through thick and thin. 

He will look for signs of this from the first moment he takes an interest in a woman. 

If she shows that her interest in him is fleeting or could wax and wane, he’ll tend to withdraw and start to pull away. 

He wants a keeper who’s his number one fan (for real , not for show). 

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#5: He Tests Your Emotional Strength

By now it should be clear that when answering the question: “how does a Leo man test a woman?” it’s often a bit of a paradox. 

He wants to see that a woman is both headstrong and full of will, while also seeing that she voluntarily recognizes what he has to offer and backs him to the hilt. 

The Leo man wants a woman who is the best of both worlds: strong and determined but also loyal and fiercely loving to him. 

This isn’t always easy for him to find, owing to the extra-picky and demanding demeanor that Leos sometimes have, and the feeling their lady might have of being rejected if she doesn’t fit the bill. 

For this reason, Leos will often test a potential mate’s strength. 

They might do this in any number of ways, including: 

  • Paying attention to how you react to adversity 
  • Seeing how you deal with finances and job stress
  • Watching your behavior during arguments or crises; and
  • Seeing if you are always avoiding situations that may bring up fear in you

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#6: He Gauges Your Feminine Supportiveness

All Leo men are different, of course, since everyone is an individual. 

But when it comes to this key question:

How does a Leo man test a woman? 

There tend to be very common patterns. 

One of them is that a Leo man will judge a partner’s supportiveness when he’s going through a dark time. 

This is different from the cheerleading aspect, where holding back and giving praise incrementally can be used to seduce him. 

In the support category, it’s more about seeing what you do when he really needs help and is lost in the pits of despair or going through a major personal or professional challenge. 

Can you be that feminine yet resilient goddess who supports him, even when he is down in the dumps as a man?

Can you uphold and believe in his masculinity and strength when he doesn’t believe in it himself?

Let’s say he’s lost a job or has failed at a manly task. Can you laugh it off or show that you know he will find a way to work it out?

Or will you be quick to jump to fear or criticism?

If you can’t show him genuine loving, nurturing supportiveness, then you may not pass the Leo man’s tests!

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#7: He Tries To Link Minds With You

In addition to his emotional and physical sides where he craves admiration and intimacy, the Leo man is also an intellectual creature. 

He seeks to link minds with a potential mate and find out what makes her tick.

As I said in point one, he wants to find if she has passions and grand ideas that move her and motivate her…

…Yet on the more intellectual level, the Leo man wants to find a woman who is intellectually interesting and smart. 

  • He wants a lady who can bounce back at him in conversation; and
  • He wants a lady who can talk about her passion in a really deep way that goes beyond the surface

Intellectual curiosity and depth turns a Leo man on just as much as drive and passion. 

So the Leo man will also test out a potential mate’s depth of interests and intelligence, taking note of: 

  • What she talks about
  • How much she truly understands what she talks about; and 
  • What grabs her attention

If it’s all makeup tutorials and Beyonce, he’s probably going to pass…

#8: He May See How Green You Get

Leo men can be a bit mischievous when it comes to testing out their potential mates. 

One of the trickiest ways a Leo man tests a woman is in testing how jealous she gets. 

The Leo man is a natural flirt who lives larger than life. He also tends to have a bit of an entitled view of himself. 

On the positive side, this can lead to him having deep, masculine leadership qualities and becoming a helpful and popular person. 

On the negative side, this can devolve into narcissism and becoming a selfish or pushy person. 

This test is born more from the negative and dark side of a Leo man’s character. A Leo man can sometimes reach the point of wanting to see how jealous a mate might get if he flirts with someone else. 

Leo’s are a bit paradoxical in that they demand loyalty, but they don’t like having a mate be overly demanding of them. 

In this regard, the Leo man may test whether a woman becomes overly reactive and jealous if he flirts. If so, this is a big warning sign to him to eject as soon as possible from the relationship or dating process. 

Understanding the Leo man

Like I said right at the beginning, a Leo man can be your best dream come true, but he can also have a darker side. 

The tests that a Leo man puts you through are usually not overly dramatic, so don’t worry on that account. 

But if you can understand the Leo’s somewhat paradoxical nature, you have the key to unlocking his heart. 

The paradox lies in what I’ve been emphasizing here: 

The Leo man wants loyalty, but only from someone who has a lot of independence and willpower of her own. 

He wants affection and intimacy, but only from a woman who’s very selective about who she gives that too. 

He wants recognition and praise, but only from a woman he also knows is worthy of recognition and praise herself. 

In short, the Leo seeks an inherently high value woman who can connect with him on his level; a woman who is his equal. 

In the end, if he’s a pleasant and kind Leo then this is a good thing and his own selectivity can help a woman become an even better version of herself. 

Passing the Leo Test…

Leo’s aren’t easy lovers to have, but they can be the best you’ll ever have. 

Passing their test is really the same as overcoming any other kind of tension that builds up between star signs and their compatibility. 

You have to be true to yourself and your values and not bend to anyone else’s – or be fake.

What does it mean to be fake? It means that you try to be what you believe they want or hope you will be. 

Only by remaining rock solid in your internal confidence and identity will you truly pass the Leo test and be the kind of woman he’s looking for. 

This is what will make him see your value and want to commit deeply to you. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Leo men pickier than non-Leo men? 

Leo men do tend to be pickier than many non-Leo men, but this is not always the case. Certain other individuals can be very selective depending on the confluence of their signs, particularly Taurus and Cancer. 

Taurus men tend to have very high standards and be quite demanding about any potential mate, while Cancers are often quite sensitive and won’t get serious about anyone who hurts their feelings or makes them feel off balance in the relationship. 

Gemini men also have a tendency to be very demanding and a bit egotistical in relationships and judging potential partners. If they don’t get their way, they tend to walk away. 

What Zodiac signs are most compatible with Leo man?

Leo is a fire sign, along with Aries and Sagittarius. The Leo man is most compatible with a headstrong Aries woman who has a similar fiery vibe and match up to te Leo’s high ambitions and drive. 

Leo men are also especially well paired with the air sign Libra. A Libra woman tends to be very supportive and loving, which can soothe Leo’s giant ego and need for appreciation. 

Together they can form a very loving and pleasant couple.

What are the best ways to test a Leo man?

If a Leo man is testing you, then you can be forgiven for also wondering how you can test him right back!

There are two ways I recommend you test a Leo man:

1: For one thing, see how he reacts if you delay gratification a bit or don’t give him huge praise right away. 

Does he get angry or does he enjoy the challenge and like that you are holding back a bit? 

A Leo man who is too hooked on immediate gratification won’t make a good partner, so it behooves all ladies to try to see if he’s willing to be disciplined and patient despite his kingly instincts. 

2: Use the dark feminine art of high value banter 

Use this art to engage with him in conversation! If a Leo man truly lives up to his star sign and strength, he will be able to handle some playful, high value banter that teases him.

We have a free class you can take on high value banter, where you can use some banter lines to see how he responds.

If you use one of our high value banter lines and he reacts extremely negatively (ie: he gets very angry or defensive), then he may have some anger issues or even have insecure attachment.

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That is all for this article on the paradoxical yet admirable Leo man. Have any questions? Leave them below!

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