How Does A Capricorn Man Test A Woman? 12 Sneaky Ways 

Capricorns are unique creatures!

They can make incredible romantic partners who are committed to a serious and meaningful relationship, but they’re not without their unique challenges and quirks. 

If you are dating a Capricorn man or want to do so, there are some things you should know about the kinds of tests he’s going to put you through. 

After all, preparation can be the difference between a successful relationship and a disappointing rejection.

#1. He Will See If You’re For Real

How does a Capricorn man test a woman?

The first way is that they see if you’re for real and whether you want a real relationship or whether you’re basically just playing the field. 

Capricorn is ruled over by Saturn, which makes them quite prone to limits and fairly definite standards. 

They are willing to deal with ups and downs in love, but they aren’t very willing to be strung along or have a relationship based on a “maybe.”

They are looking to be with a partner where things are clearly going somewhere for the longer-term. 

As Alice Bell writes for Vogue

“Capricorn dates with intention, and they may not like to entertain anything that is very casual or clearly not going anywhere. 

Capricorn is always thinking of what comes next, so they may only date people with whom they could see themselves years in the future.”

If you’re with a Capricorn or trying to date one, it’s important to be clear about your intentions and show that you’re emotionally committed. 

If you don’t, the Capricorn may bolt just like the sea goat that represents it. 

#2. He Will Test Your Generosity

Capricorns like to be treated well and shown the luxurious side of life. 

If they are dating you, they will appreciate thoughtful and tasteful gifts, trips and gestures. 

Of course, most women prefer to be the ones who are treated with lavish gifts, but Carpicorns are that kind of man who secretly truly enjoys being given thoughtful and nice gifts!

They tend to also adhere to more traditional gender roles and will pull your chair out for you and open doors. 

This means a capricorn man will appreciate you being in your feminine energy and he in his masculine energy. Not all the time of course, but most of the time!

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It’s important for you to know that if you come up with an amazing vacation idea your capricorn man will also be charmed and probably not object to splitting the cost. 

Capricorns are not moochers by any means, however they do like to be given consideration and treated well. 

Seeing that you care about them and have taken them into consideration goes a long way with a Capricorn. 

This can even be something as simple as realizing you’ve said good things about them to your friends and family. 

Thumbs up. 

#3. He Checks How Organized You Are 

How does a Capricorn man test a woman? 

He sees how organized you are.

Capricorns are big schedulers and love following a regimen. 

He has trouble dating someone who is too scatterbrained or spontaneous, and on the rare occasions when this kind of connection does yield fruit, Capricorn at least requires understanding of his punctual ways. 

He is OK with surprises now and then, but if you pull a Capricorn out of their routine too often they will start to get grumpy. 

By all means, have fun, but respect the Capricorn’s need for predictability, a schedule and a dependable routine, especially during the work week. 

If you can show him that you respect his need for these things whilst also encouraging him to know it’s ok to relax and have fun on occasion, he will perceive great value in you as a partner.

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#4. He Watches How Comfy You Are With One-on-One Time

How does a Capricorn man test a woman?

He snuggles up close with you and only you on a cold night to see if you’re as into it as he is. 

That’s because the Capricorn man is passionate and loves to spend one-on-one time with you. 

These are not the kind who will ask for an open relationship and they are also less likely to cheat. 

Capricorn is a rule-follower and cares a lot about staying monogamous. 

Spending time with the woman they love on a quiet night sipping wine by the fire or rolling in the throes of passion is their idea of a perfect evening. 

If you’re into something a little wilder you may have a difficult time staying on the same page with him!

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#5. They See How You Handle Problems

Capricorns tend to be emotionally mature and willing to admit their mistakes. 

They have faults like all of us, but the idea of attending therapy or working on relationship issues that come up doesn’t scare them and they are willing to do what it takes to make things work. 

They aren’t afraid of therapy if their relationship needs help, and they approach problems as a bump in the road, rather than a cause for ending everything.

A Capricorn man generally holds the belief that it’s possible to fix relationship problems with honesty, trust, and hard work from both lovers.

If you have a slight miscommunication or frustration with him, he will be paying attention to how you react. 

Try your best to stay calm and talk it out. Capricorn doesn’t react well to sudden emotional outbursts or spontaneous reactions of anger.

Normal and proportional emotion isn’t a bad thing with a Capricorn, but flying off the handle may make him pull back from the relationship. 

Be aware that if you react to relationship problems by flying off the handle a lot, you’re running the risk of him seeing you as a low value woman and losing his faith in the relationship.

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#6. They Stress Test Your Discipline

How does a Capricorn man test a woman? 

He sees how committed you are to your goals and your own standards.

For example, if you’re on a quest to change your eating patterns, do you stick to it?

If you’re starting a business do you work hard at it or sort of waffle around and let obstacles throw you off track?

The Capricorn man is highly disciplined and he wants the same in a potential romantic partner, otherwise he will find it a little harder to fully trust her for a long term relationship. 

A Capricorn man likes to be challenged and meet people from all walks of life, but at the end of the day, Capricorn is very unlikely to fall for someone who doesn’t hold themselves to a fairly strict standard. 

At the very least, he expects you to keep the promises that you make to yourself. 

This is part of how the Capricorn man’s love and affection toward you grows and matures into real intimacy. 

#7. How Do You Feel About the Finer Things in Life?

Capricorns like the finer things in life. 

Fine dining, jewelry, fast cars and beautiful style. 

They appreciate meeting somebody who also has a taste for these kinds of things. 

Of course, economic reality doesn’t always permit you to buy 24K gold necklaces and fine cars or stay in exclusive chalet lodges with mountain vista views…

But at the very least, the Capricorn man wants a partner who aspires to these kinds of finer things. 

They aren’t shallow by any means, but Capricorn does care about aspiring to a better life in various ways, including in a literal material way. 

See this not as Capricorns being snobby, but as him enjoying experiencing the fruits of his hard work and success!

#8. He Notices How You Give and Take Love

Capricorn men tend to be extremely affectionate and loving. They also rarely cheat. 

They want a partner who’s the same. 

Of course we all want someone who loves us and who we can love in return, at least in our own unique way. 

The difference is that the Capricorn man is extra focused on loyalty and monogamy. 


Do you pull away your loyalty and commitment at the slightest disagreement or inconvenience?

Do you pull away love at the first sign of struggle or if his work and financial circumstances change?

Do you go and seek the attention of other men when you’re not happy, or when he is at a low point in his life?

If you do, then the Capricorn man probably won’t appreciate that.


Capricorn is not that interested in playing the field or having sexual adventures, generally. 

He wants to be with you and only you.

He wants to experience loyalty and commitment to one woman!

How does a Capricorn man test a woman? He sees if she also has the capacity (and desire) to be a one-man woman and be loyal and loving to only him.

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#9. How Do You Feel About Family?

Every Capricorn man is different, just like every individual. 

However one common trait they tend to share is that they place a high value on family and commitment to those they love. 

They will be quite curious about how you feel about family as well and whether you are a “team player.”

It is possible for a Capricorn to love a lone wolf or someone who is more independent, but generally they will see if you are open to having or caring for a family.

And this will help them quite a bit in deciding their compatibility with you and potential future together. 

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#10. Where Do You Go When The Stars Go Blue?

How does a Capricorn man test a woman?

He sees what you do when the going gets tough.

Do you run for the hills or reach out to stay stronger together?

The Capricorn man is a team player par excellence and will be looking for a partner who comes closer to him when times are hard.

The downside is that this can devolve into codependency with you each starting to play a “savior” and “victim” role instead of focusing on real emotional attraction or romance…

(Which is the real glue for a long term relationship).

The upside is that it can provide a supportive and mutually reassuring relationship where you both know that you have each other’s backs if the going gets rocky.

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#11. He Tests Whether You Are Magnetic Or Not

How does a Capricorn man test a woman? 

He keeps a watch out for a woman who can be feminine, playful, and inspire emotional attraction in him.


Because Capricorn men tends to be a little too stuck in his ways, or his routine.

The Capricorn isn’t necessarily incapable of great conversation and flirting, but he does tend to be hidebound to tradition and routine. 

Signs like Leo, while problematic in some other ways, can be ideal for drawing the Capricorn man out of his sometimes boring life and enjoying more of what a coupled existence has to offer. 

If you are quite apathetic or non-energetic, the Capricorn may sense this and draw away. This is because he won’t perceive as much value in the coupling.

By nature we tend to feel attraction for those who are little different to us, and we tend to feel connection with those who are similar to us.

So remember above where we mentioned that if you can show him you respect his need for routine while also showing him that it’s ok to relax and have fun, he will perceive value in you?

This is similar to that in that by being magnetic, feminine and playful, you’ll be able to make him feel a deeper attraction that glues him to you!

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When it comes to understanding the Capricorn man, remember that while he wants someone disciplined and rules-based like him, he also craves a bit of excitement and energy that may counterbalance his more phlegmatic temperament. 

If you’re the kind of woman who is playful, who has deep feminine energy and whom others are drawn to, you’re likely to have better chances with a Capricorn man who finds this very attractive and magnetic. 

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#12. He Will Care About Your Political and Cultural Views

Capricorn men can obviously have varying political beliefs. Some may be progressive, conservative, anarchist or even communist.

But they do tend to want a life that’s a little more structured and that includes being clear where they stand politically and wanting to know where you do, too.

They will be keeping an eye on a potential partner to see what she thinks culturally and politically.

Even if you hate politics or controversial subjects, for example, they will want to hear a solid reason why you don’t like these topics (apart from just because they are “stressful” or similar generic responses like that.)

No matter how open-minded the Capricorn may be, he will tend to find it very difficult to be with signs such as Libra which are extremely easygoing and may not hold strong positions on various topics.

While he may be open to hearing new ideas about politics or other topics you feel strongly about, the Capricorn wants to know where you stand one way or another – and why.

He finds it hard to relate to or become committed to someone who shifts with the sands or chooses not to hold any firm positions politically or in their social and cultural views.

Consider this to be the Capricorn’s indirect way of encouraging you to develop beliefs of your own and to question any information that is sent your way.

Caring For a Capricorn Man

Caring for a Capricorn man is all about understanding and respecting him. 

Like every other sign, the Capricorn man has some upsides and downsides. 

One advantage is that they can be a very trustworthy and strong partner who loves you through thick and thin. 

One disadvantage is that they can be a bit overly regimented and hung on routine and rules, stifling some of the spontaneous romantic things that the most healthy couples enjoy together. 

(That’s where you come in with your playfulness and  feminine charm, of course).

Remember, however, that when it comes to a Capricorn man testing a woman, it is not something you will have to worry about too much. 

Especially since the capricorn man himself is naturally more loyal.

If you keep dating a Capricorn man, you’ll soon see his more practical side and interest in scheduling and structure, as well as the various benefits of his protective and loving nature. 

You don’t have to worry too much about whether this is right for you, because you’ll always find out more by being with him than by analyzing everything too much. 

If you’re a match with him, you’ll know it soon enough! 

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What Signs Are Most Compatible With A Capricorn Man? 

The best matches for Capricorn are Taurus, Virgo and Pisces. 

Firstly, Taurus is very amenable to a Capricorn connection because the two earth signs are very down-to-earth and both want to set clear boundaries and objectives in their relationship. 

The sexual and romantic chemistry may only be middling, but the loyalty and ability to plan a life together is high!

As for Capricorn and Virgo, this connection can also be very promising. 

Both signs like somebody they can rely on and work hard with. The romance may be a bit dry here, too, but it can still be quite a sizzling connection with the right individuals. 

Finally, Capricorn and Pisces are a very unique and promising pairing. 

Whilst sources do say that a Pisces woman isn’t the best match for Capricorn man, it’s important to know that Pisces are a mystical and spiritual sign which can bring out the creative and more imaginative side of Capricorn. 

These two signs often start as friends but can become more over time, because the attraction and appreciation slowly grows with each complementing the other really well.

Do you have any questions or would you like to share how your Capricorn man has been testing you? Leave me a comment below and let me know! I always read the comments.

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The biggest hurdle I have with my Capricorn husband is the silent treatment. Communication seizes when I do something he doesn’t approve of. As a Pisces woman it crushes my heart, thinking that he has lost love or doesn’t care. I have learned a lot about the Capricorn mans attributes and now understand more but would like to know how to break that silence.