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Welcome to Hope for Wholeness’s Facebook Groups!

We’re glad you’ve found us and would like to participate in our online communities. Our groups are very encouraging and relational.

Hope for Wholeness has a Referral membership of ministries, churches, and counselors. Visit our website, under “Find Help,” to consider utilizing one of our Referral members. Be sure to put our summer conference on your schedule. You do not want to miss this life changing event!

We have unique Facebook groups for participants and leaders. Please be aware of each group’s standards.

  • “Hope for Wholeness” is our general group that allows for articles, pictures, & debate. Please keep topics and sharing limited to to sexuality and faith.
  • "Hope for Wholeness Secret Group." (Cannot search/find on Facebook) A mix of posts are welcome concerning homosexuality. No lecture posts.
  • “Hope for Wholeness Prayer & Care” is for personal sharing ONLY. Articles, pictures, or debate are NOT allowed in this group.
  • “Hope for Wholeness Parents & Family” allows for articles & pictures, but not debate. Please keep topics and sharing limited to “Parents & Family” related struggles and interest related to sexuality and faith.
  • “HFW Leaders & Associates” is for anyone who is currently or formerly involved in exgay related ministry. Leaders must either be Referral members, planning to become Referrals, or at least advocates and friends of Hope for Wholeness and its leaders.
  • “HFW Referrals” is for Hope for Wholeness Referrals and its leaders only.

The below standards and intake form helps us to bring security and consistency to our online groups.

We reserve the right to delete from the group any post or comment that we deem as being against our beliefs, policy statements, nor serve to best reflect our ministry and its mission, and the greater good of the group. If a post or comment is deemed not appropriate, a group admin will contact you and ask you to edit or will explain why it was not allowed or deleted.

  • Group Admins: Tom Cole, Daniel Mingo, Miranda Pettit, James Pickett, Nylene Wilds; Parents & Family group specific Admins: Paula Jones

Group members who break these standards will be contacted by a group admin, warned and have private discussion. If it continues, or it is found that multiple or flagrant violations have been made, the member will be removed from the group. Group members will be given an opportunity to explain themselves, and seek reconciliation, which will may include group confession.

* Novices to Facebook: For those that are concerned about people seeing your online activity, please be assured that your friends CANNOT see your activity in Hope for Wholeness's groups unless they are in our groups that you'll be joining. You are the only one that sees your "newsfeed," as well as those who are in the group(s) with you. No need to be concerned.

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