Post-Gay? Post-Christian?


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Post-Gay? Post-Christian?

Anatomy of a Cultural and Faith Identity Crisis By Debbie Thurman Few people possess the surgical tools that Debbie Thurman uses to dissect the gay rights movement and its impact on the major pillars of established society, including the Church. Thurman walked the tightrope of sexual identity confusion from childhood into married adulthood. She was brought up as a Southern Baptist, who both loved and feared the Church and wondered about her own salvation. She hid her struggles from view, unable to understand her personal demons (which included feelings of low self-worth and major depression) and unsure of who could help her, let alone understand this turmoil. In the book, the author painstakingly scrutinizes homosexuality as a philosophy, a lifestyle, and a quest for supra-constitutional rights. She examines four major societal areas of concern, and the impact the gay rights agenda is having on each: the media, the education system, the medical/mental health establishment, and the Church. This book offers godly insight and hope to the hopeless and seeks to focus the Church on the redemptive, compassionate “ministry of reconciliation” that all believers are to carry out in the name of Christ.

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