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Hope for Wholeness Network Referrals have a number of benefits being a part of HFWN. One of these is posting their blogs and testimonies on the HFW website, with links back to their own websites. We encourage Referrals to write or vlog on current relevant topics around the issue of homosexuality and the Christian walk. Not everything has to be authored on homosexuality, but should be useful to the HFW follower.

Hope for Wholeness Leaders' Blog

  • Sweet Cakes Refuses to Bake Same-Sex Wedding Cake

Sweet Cakes Refuses to Bake Same-Sex Wedding Cake

TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCE? By Miranda Pettit, Women's leader for Truth Ministry, in Spartanburg SC. This was a game show that ran from 1940-1988 that included questions coupled with stunts. It was certainly a fun show but also included emotional surprises for the contestant – a reunion with a loved one, long-lost or serving in the military. Today, this question is all but a fun game show, but it is definitely an emotional one. In recent months, there have been major attacks on Christian businesses refusing

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  • I Experienced Change! – Exodus Closing

I Experienced Change! – Exodus Closing

True Confessions of a 5 am Closet Runner By Matthew Walker, director of Big Fish Ministries. I attended my 12th and final Exodus Freedom conference this past week in California.  After 38 years, Exodus is closing.  Recently, I left my full time job at Sea World in order to pursue ministry full time.  Coincidence.  I think not.  God is afoot.  I am excited for what He plans to do in this new season. With all the apologies, legislation and myths flying about, the good

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  • My Thoughts on Exodus International Shutting Down

My Thoughts on Exodus International Shutting Down

My Thoughts on Exodus International Shutting Down By Shawn Harrison, director of Six:11 Ministries, Saint Mary's, OH. Yesterday, Alan Chambers released a sincere apology to the LGBTQ community for the wrong doings of Exodus International. For sure, this sent waves across the web. Many people, gay & straight, sighed a relief of ‘It’s about time.‘ Then, last night, during his opening talk, Alan Chambers announced that Exodus International will be shutting down. The net was aflame, conservative and liberal sites alike, almost resounding the same expression,

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