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Hope for Wholeness Network Referrals have a number of benefits being a part of HFWN. One of these is posting their blogs and testimonies on the HFW website, with links back to their own websites. We encourage Referrals to write or vlog on current relevant topics around the issue of homosexuality and the Christian walk. Not everything has to be authored on homosexuality, but should be useful to the HFW follower.

Hope for Wholeness Leaders' Blog

Helping Others Walk Away From Homosexuality

Helping Others Walk Away From Homosexuality By McKrae Game A few months ago, I shared that I wanted to start educating our readers better on understanding homosexuality and same-sex attractions. A big part of my ministry is encouragement to those who, like myself, continue to struggle despite their devotion to Christ and their seemingly best intentions to do right. This is the purpose for my book, The Transparent Life, where I vulnerably share that, despite struggles and failures, I fight on. This January

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“I Have Always Felt Different”

“I Have Always Felt Different”  Understanding the Root Issues of Same-Sex Attractions This month’s article is a follow-up on last month’s titled “Why Did You Choose This?” Contact us if you have a suggestion for a future article on helping you and others better understand this often confusing issue. People have sought me out for answers to the “why” questions of homosexuality for over twenty years; sixteen in formal ministry. The information I’ve gathered comes from an eclectic knowledge base, including, but not

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Last fall, Alan Chambers (former Exodus President), contacted me to see if I’d be interested in taking over the memorabilia and archives of Exodus. I quickly said, “Yes.” He told me, “It’s a lot.”

Exodus: Preserving History and Continuing the Adventure

Exodus: Preserving History and Continuing the Adventure By McKrae Game I remember going to my first Exodus conference in 1998. My wife and I were scared to death! It was a regional in Harrisonburg, Virginia, and Clay McLean was the main speaker. I met many new people, but the only one who really sticks out in my memory is Larry Bell. The Lord put Larry in my life in an incredibly vulnerable time—I’d recently had a fall with a man, and my

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  • Gay Marriage and Lawsuit Against JONAH How Shall We Respond? By McKrae Game

Gay Marriage and Lawsuit Against JONAH How Shall We Respond? By McKrae Game

Since the printing of our mailed newsletter, two important decisions have occurred that have altered our culture and may affect our ministry: Yesterday's Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage in all 50 states and the success of a lawsuit against JONAH (Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing) for unethical practices and charges of consumer fraud. (Link to CNN special) The jury found JONAH guilty of several of the 20 counts of consumer fraud. Jeremy Schwab, a ministry leader present at the trial

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Masterpiece in Process – A HUGE Success!

Jacob, South Carolina—Before the conference, my heart was becoming like stone. I can only explain what happened for me at the conference like this: it's like a hundred-piece puzzle that I can put together with my hands, but I can't connect in my mind. It was all the Holy Spirit. Praise be TO God. Jeanie, Virginia—My first HFW conference and what a joy! Seeing the openness to the Lord from both leaders and participants, the amazing worship, and, most of all,

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  • You ARE a Masterpiece in Process!

You ARE a Masterpiece in Process!

You ARE a Masterpiece in Process! By McKrae Game The issue of homosexuality and same-sex attraction is complicated, frustrating, exhausting, confusing, and more. Parents hear that their son or daughter is gay and their mind is blown. Their worst fears and often their suspicions have been realized. They've hoped it isn't true, but now they don’t know what to do, think, feel or say. The person struggling with homosexuality often lives in fear of someone finding out. I’ve met with so many

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  • An Intervention

An Intervention

An Intervention As our conference draws closer, I wanted to show these two images that are real life examples of the fight that we individually face every day leading to the event, Masterpiece in Process. Last month, instead of a newsletter, we told you that we needed your help. Instead of an inspiring article or conference promotion, we told you about our need. While still needing your help, the reality is that you and others face a much bigger need. Some are

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Why I Fight The Fight By Ethan Martin Director Revelation Ministry 1211 Fort Meyers, FL

Why I Fight The Fight By Ethan Martin, Director, Revelation Ministry 1211, Fort Meyers, FL I sat there sitting on a rock staring out across a small valley to the Old City in Jerusalem, silently weeping. My Pastor came up to me, put his hand on my shoulder, and said “I would love to know the thoughts going through your head.” I couldn’t speak. My emotions rolled over me like a tidal wave enveloping the beach. How could he possibly know what I have gone

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The REAL Never Ending Story—Our Redemption

The REAL Never Ending Story—Our Redemption By Jeanie Smith Director Emeritus, Set Free Ministries, Richmond VA I wish you could have experienced a workshop called “Core Values” that I heard Russell Willingham teach some years ago. In a nutshell, he said that we have “ideal values” - what we truly believe and have been taught. Then we have “core values” - those which our life experience has shaped and formed. While we often think ideal values guide our behavior, we actually behave in accordance

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