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HFW Conference Team 

Looking to volunteer, give your testimony, present a workshop, or *exhibit? This one form is all you need.

Please help us find workshop presenters, testimonies, & volunteers! We need a sound tech and someone to help us manage the recordings! If you know others who would be a good addition to our team, please send them to this page. THANK YOU!

After giving your contact information, look for what you plan/would like to do and make your selection(s). The red asterisks * require you to answer these questions. If there isn't a red asterisk, then it's for your reading only, but it's still important.

Anyone may serve on the Conference Team, whether or not they have been to a previous HFW conference. We only ask that non-leader first-timers not serve, so they can enjoy their first conference unencumbered.

Sobriety Standards: We believe engaging in any sexual behaviors outside marriage between a man and a woman is against God's design for sexuality. This especially includes any inappropriate sexual activities with another person (including but not limited to cyber or phone sex) but also includes pornography and habitual masturbation. We are all on a journey toward wholeness and recognize many may still struggle particularly with the latter areas. 

Our standards for conference participation are the following:
Volunteers: not currently involved in unbiblical behaviors with another person.
Discussion Group Leaders and Worship Members: one (1) year free of unbiblical behaviors with another person.
Testimonies: two (2) years free of unbiblical behaviors with another person.
Speakers, Prayer Team, and Presenters: three (3) years free of unbiblical behaviors with another person.

We ask that if you are struggling with pornography and compulsive or addictive masturbation that you are in regular accountability and recognize the need and desire to surrender this area to Christ. We do not just value holiness in our sexuality, but equally with our entire personhood and would hope that all involved in HFW are striving to follow Jesus's example through being people of character in all areas such as stewardship of our egos, family, money, time, and bodies.

Theological differences: As a non-denominational network, it is important that we make room for each other's valid spiritual experiences. Styles of worship and prayer, as well as gifts and ministry expressions, will vary from one to another. Because an experience may seem or feel different to us, it doesn't mean that it is not Biblically valid and acceptable. With that said, you should rest in the fact that you will not be persuaded to embrace or accept what is not doctrinally or theologically acceptable to you. Therefore, all Conference Team members are asked to refrain from denominational and spiritual issues that lean toward being divisive such as implying a personal theological belief around eternal security, speaking/praying in tongues, the baptism of the Holy Spirit as a separate experience from salvation, tithing, and masturbation aside from workshops on sexual purity which discuss sexual addictions. These examples would be better communicated through your home church. The goal of our conference is to be a conflict-free zone around these type matters. Your compliance is appreciated.

Conference Team Benefits:

We do not offer discounts for serving on the Conference Team, however, we are pleased to offer you the following three benefits:

Volunteer Shirts: In addition to your provided EXALT conference T-shirt, you will receive Conference Team T's for each day you serve (if serving in a volunteer capacity: Sound tech, worship team, greeters, workshop monitors, bookstore, etc.). Each day will have its own color. Tuesday–Conference T; Wednesday–Turquoise; Thursday–Purple; Friday–Kelly; Saturday–Gold, Sunday–Conference T.

FREE Shuttle: We're providing free shuttle service, to and from the Asheville airport and the Tunnel Road bus station, for anyone serving on the Conference Team. Non-volunteers are charged $50 per person round-trip for this service.

Green Room: We have a special Green Room (GR) for Conference Team Members. We are using two nice board rooms with very comfortable chairs for you to relax in, and water, soft drinks, coffee, and snacks are provided during your volunteer time.

Now that you know what we are going to provide you, the following are the areas in which we need YOUR help:

Workshop Presenters: Review our list of Workshop Suggestions for ideas. If possible, please submit at least two, if not three workshops, as we typically have overlap on workshop submissions. You will be asked how many different workshops you would like to present. Workshops are only offered one time. All workshops are recorded, produced, and offered for sale at the conference and online. You will receive a free copy of your workshop.


Please help us get the word out!

  • Please promote the HFW conference on your social media. 
  • Please let your friends know you're going! FACEBOOK EVENT
  • When you see Facebook conference posts by friends of HFW, please "like" and comment, letting your friends know your support.

Submission: After hitting submit, if it's successful, you will get a "Thank you" and a reply email. If instead, you are returned to the Conference Team page, your submission did not process. You will need to scroll down and look for the highlighted area(s) that was/were not completed. If you've left the page, your work has been saved (your computer/device must be set to "allow cookies"). Revisit the page to look for what areas need completing. All red asterisks must be completed.

Form instructions: The form will open after you have checked that you have read and agreed to the above information. The form opens appropriately as questions are answered. 

Be SURE that you get this message thanking you for your submission before going away. Your work is saved just in case, but unless you see this thank you, your work did NOT go through. You left something blank and it must be completed. Also, make SURE you check ALL the boxes before assuming what you're looking for isn't there. The form unfolds as you check the appropriate boxes

Bio example: Meleah Allard–Hendersonville, NC
Meleah is a former lesbian who spent a decade living homosexually. Today she is the executive director of New Beginning Support Ministry (NBSM). She began the ministry as a satellite of Truth Ministry in 2005, and launched it as its own non-profit organization in early 2015. Through NBSM, Meleah offers counseling, support groups, a service ministry called Life Support, and is available for speaking and teaching. Meleah and Mark recently celebrated their 20th anniversary. They have four adult children and two grandchildren. She is currently working to complete her BS in Psychology and Human Services at Montreat College.

Conference Director: Tom Cole
Please don't hesitate to reach out to Tom by contacting the HFW office. Office number is 864-583-7606.  If you haven't yet, I encourage you to join our Facebook groups.  If you're looking for Tom during the conference and don't see him, ask Nylene.


Conference CFO: Nylene Wilds
Nylene is our go-to lady for anything administrative. If you need a question answered around anything to do with finances, Ridgecrest, or registration, don't hesitate to get a hold of her. Call her at 864-583-7606. She will give you her cell phone # when asked.


Smiling Faces and First-Timers:
First-timers and discouraged people are often coming to our conference with a great deal of anxiety. They often can be quickly set at ease by being treated with a warm smile, and just knowing someone cares. From the very moment a person opens the door, walks up to a table, or sits down to a meal, we want them to feel a part of our family. Please help us by serving everyone with a big smile! Please be sure to look for gold stars on badges, as these indicate our first-timers. They are typically very apprehensive, maybe alone, may not know anyone, and won't know where they are going. Will you be a friend to them? Please keep an eye out for them and check on them. Thanks!

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